Pete's Baseball Quotes

Agents, Contracts & Money

Rob Woolf, agent:
When I negotiated Bob Stanley's contract with the Red Sox, we had statistics demonstrating he was the third-best pitcher in the league. They had a chart showing he was the sixth-best pitcher on the Red Sox.

Babe Ruth, told that his offered salary was more than President Herbert Hoover's:
I had a better year than he did.

Joe Dugan, 1917 Philadelphia Athletics bonus baby:
My father looked at the money, then glanced at my seven brothers and sisters. He couldn't contain himself. He said, "For five hundred dollars you can take the whole family."

Tom Lasorda, on Fernando Valenzuela's contract demands:
He wants Texas Back.

Tom Grieve, Texas G.M., explaining why his club wouldn't be signing free agent Bob Horner:
He said he was embarrassed by Atlanta's $4.2 million offer. We didn't want to add to the embarrassment.

Don Mattingly:
Everybody thinks I've changed, but I'm just a boy from the hills of Indiana. If you don't believe me, ask my butler, Reggie Jackson.

Bill Lee
They all changed. Most of them got agents, and I ceased to talk to 'em. "Like to use this toilet paper?" "Dunno, I gotta talk to my agent."

Andy McPhail, on not signing Jack Morris with the Twins:
It does bother me. I'm going to be a household word -- like "toilet."

Pete's Baseball Quotes