This is the home page of Peter Andrijeski, raised primarily in Boise, Idaho and now living in Seattle Washington.

Pete's Internet Activities

Web pages I use most actively these days are:
My Facebook page
Project K-Bar
My Flickr Account
My Calendar of Events
Project K-Band
My Blog

Other pages/sites of mine that may be of interest are:
My Annual August Party Page
Tour of my Voodoo Lounge (For those of you who won't make the flight)
My YouTube account
The FourGen Alumni page
Seattle nightlife photos (Warning, these are not all "work safe") (The company with no apparent products or services established during the dotcom boom)
The Jesus Jesus Church of Jesus

Some Things You May Find Amusing

The Aquirus Employees of the Month (If you are a FourGen alumnus, see if you can find the 5 FourGen employees)
Letters from the Aquirus President
WaMu Safety Presentation (video)
My correspondence with Ms. Anne Chamfort, billed as "France's greatest psychic"
A prized award certificate from Bishop Kelly High School


I like to find out about other people from tastes in music and etc., and since I'm a tad compulsive, here are some notes on some of my favorite Music, Books, and Films,

I am a collector of wisdom. I collect New Age Wisdom. Christian Wisdom, and even the Wisdom of God Himself.

I like to argue and I have some friends who feel similarly. We started the Republic of FourGen, also known as the "Friday Group."

I like baseball. You can see my enlightening set of baseball quotes, my handy notes: Baseball Page.

You can e-mail me at