What Seattle Bar Should I Go To?

Because I've gone to every bar in the city, I am often asked by both visitors and locals for recommendations on bars to visit. But it is pointless to make a bar recommendation without knowing your particular taste in bars, so I have created the list below based on some common elements people look for. Of course these are still all as judged through my particular preferences, but I hope it will be helpful.

If you Like ... Then go to ...
Just a sample of Pete's favorites Canon (Capitol Hill)
The Hideout (Pill Hill)
The Five Point (Belltown)
The Blue Moon (U District)
Bathtub Gin (Belltown)
Tavern Law (Capitol Hill)
Jules Maes (Georgetown)
Scotch and fine craft cocktails Canon (Capitol Hill)
Rob Roy (Belltown)
Liberty (Capitol Hill)
Sun Liquor (Capitol Hill)
Alchemy (West Seattle)
Dive bars The Five Point (Belltown)
The Blue Moon (U District)
The Tin Hat (Ballard)
Craft cocktails in a speakeasy environment Bathtub Gin (Belltown)
Kneehigh Stocking Co. (Capitol Hill)
Tavern Law / Needle and Thread (Capitol Hill)
Justice Bar (enter through refrigerator door in By The Pound Deli)
Artsy stuff The Hideout (Pill Hill)
Cafe Racer (U District)
Interesting food with good cocktails Kedai Makan (Capitol Hill)
Poppy (Capitol Hill)
Revel (Fremont)
Soi (Capitol Hill)
Intimate spaces E. Smith Mercantile (Pioneer Square)
White Horse Trading Co. (Pike Place Market)
JarrBar (Pike Place Market)
Beer The Pine Box (Capitol Hill)
Rhein Haus (Capitol Hill)
Brouwers (Fremont)
Queen Anne Beerhall (Lower Queen Anne)
Microbreweries Holy Mountain (Interbay)
Machine House Brewery (Georgetown)
Diamond Knot (Mukilteo)
Ballard neighborhood (map)
Cider Capitol Cider (Capitol Hill)
Number 6 Cider (Interbay)
Karaoke The Rickshaw (North Seattle
The Crescent (Capitol Hill)
Ozzie's (Queen Anne)
Old bars (that still feel old) Jules Maes (Georgetown)
Merchant's Cafe (Pioneer Square)
Having a lot of choices in easy walking distance Pike/Pine corridor of Capitol Hill
Ballard Avenue
Country music/atmosphere Little Red Hen (Greenlake)
Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ (Frelard)
Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack (SoDo)
Goth clubs Mercury/Machinwerks (you will need a member to accompany you and note the dress code)
Baltic Room on Sundays
Kremwerk on Saturdays
Dancing (EDM) Trinity (Pioneer Square)
Q (Capitol Hill)
Ashton Manor (SoDo)
Dancing (with lower douchebag ratio) Kremwerk (Downtown)
LO-FI (Eastlake)
Hipsters Cha Cha (Capitol Hill)
Linda's Tavern (Capitol Hill)
Screwdriver (Belltown)
Pony (Capitol Hill)
Hattie's Hat (Ballard)
A simulated acid trip Unicorn (Capitol Hill)
New-ish Justice Bar (Capitol Hill, inside By The Pound Deli)
Branchwater (Belltown)
Stampede Cocktail Club (Fremont)
House Bar (Fremont)
Gay bars (men) Pony (Capitol Hill)
Neighbors (Capitol Hill)
The Cuff (Capitol Hill)
Lesbian bars Wildrose (Capitol Hill)
Outdoor seating on nice days Westward (North Lake Union)
Ray's Boathouse (Golden Gardens)
The Nest (Thompson Hotel)
Pono Ranch (Ballard)
Little Water Cantina (Eastlake)
Seattle Icons The Space Needle (Atmos Wine Bar)
Canlis (Jacket not required in the bar)
The 5 Point
The Crocodile
Central Saloon
Tiki bars Sorry, you're in the wrong town. But Navy Strength, Rhumbar, and the Diller Room have some fine tiki drinks and Hula Hula has the decor.
Upscale / dress up Canlis (North Seattle)
Columbia Tower Club (Downtown)
The Met (Downtown)
Video Games Vidiot (West Seattle)
Slushy Cocktails Bait Shop (Capitol Hill)
Nacho Borracho (Capitol Hill)
Tanakasan (Capitol Hill)
Sake Tanakasan (Belltown)
Moshi Moshi (Ballard)
Sake Nomi (Pioneer Square)
Maneki (Pioneer Square)
British Isle Pubs Owl and Thistle (Irish, Downtown)
Conor Byrne (Irish, Ballard)
Macleod's (Scottish, Ballard)
White Horse Trading Co (English, Downtown)
Road trips up to some bar hidden in the boonies See this map

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