Triangle Pub - 1910

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The quirky "Flatiron" building was completed in 1910 at the corner of Railroad Way and 1st Avenue S. (formerly "Commercial St.") and housed the Triangle Hotel and Bar. The bottom floor of the 56'x48'x28' structure continued to host a bar until 1929, when it became a Western Union branch office, sending its messages to the Cherry Street headquarters via brass pneumatic tubes.

Western Union departed in 1954 and the space resumed being a tavern. The hotel above, which was a brothel from the 20s until the end of WWII, originally had 8 small rooms, but now holds 2 apartments. It is said to have once been featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not as the smallest hotel west of the Rockies.

(Note: Seattle used to have four "Triangle" bars, now down to three -- which seems appropos. Mack's Triangle Pub in White Center has been refurbished from its divey past, and the Ould Triangle in Greenwood completes the current triumvirate. The Triangle Lounge in the Fremont area is now closed,replaced by "Nine Million In Unmarked Bills.)

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