Current Seattle Bars

106 Pine, Seattle (downtown)
1Hundred, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle (Ballard)
418 Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
50 North, Seattle (U District)
5th Avenue Tavern, Seattle
611 Supreme, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
74th St. Ale House, Seattle
8oz Burger Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
88 Keys, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
9 Million In Unmarked Bills, Seattle
9 lb. Hammer, Seattle (Georgetown)
95 Slide, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
A-Pizza Mart, Seattle (U District)
A-Pizza Mart, Seattle (Belltown)
Acquabar, Seattle (Belltown)
Add-A-Ball, Seattle (Fremont)
Admiral Pub, Seattle (West Seattle)
Agrodolce, Seattle (Fremont)
Agua Verde, Seattle
Al's Tavern, Seattle
Alibi Room, Seattle (downtown)
Alibi Room Greenwood, Seattle (Greenwood)
Altstadt Bierhalle and Brathaus, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Altura, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ambassel, Seattle (Central District)
Amber, Seattle (Belltown)
Amber Den, Seattle (Ballard)
Ampersand Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Anchors Down, Seattle (Ballard)
Anchovies and Olives, Andaluca, Seattle (downtown)
Angelina's, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Angry Beaver, Seattle (Greenwood)
Anthony's (Portage Bay), Seattle
Anthony's (Shilshole), Seattle
Arabica Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Arena Bar at Gameworks, Seattle
Aristocrats, Seattle
Art Lounge (The Four Seasons), Seattle (downtown)
Artusi, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ascada Bistro, Seattle
Asgard Tavern, Seattle (Fremont)
Aston Manor, Seattle (SoDo)
Athenian Inn, Seattle
Atlantic Crossing, Seattle
Attic Alehouse, Seattle
The Augustus, Seattle (Fremont)
Aura, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Auto Battery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Azteca, Seattle (Ballard)
Azteca, Seattle (Eastlake)
Azteca, Seattle (Northgate)
The Back Door at Roxy's, Seattle (Fremont)
Back Door Pub, Seattle (Lake City)
Bad Alberts, Seattle (Ballard)
Bad Jimmy's, Seattle (Fremont)
Bai Pai Thai, Seattle
The Bait Shop, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Baja Bistro, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Ballard Annex Oyster House, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Station Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Grill and Alehouse (AKA the 4 B's, or Ballard's Best Brew and Burgers), Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Loft, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Smoke Shop, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballroom in Fremont, Seattle (Fremont)
The Balmar, Seattle
Baltic Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bambino's Pizzeria, Seattle (Belltown)
Bamboo, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bandits, Seattle
Bang Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bar Cotto, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bar Del Corso, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Bar Ferd'nand, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bar Myx, Seattle (Belltown)
Bar Sajor, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Bar Sue, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Baranoff, The, Seattle
Barca, Seattle
Barge Bar, Madison Park Conservatory
Barking Dog Ale House, Seattle
Barnacle, Seattle (Ballard)
Barolo Ristorante, Seattle (Downtown)
The Barrel Thief, Seattle (Fremont)
Barrio, Seattle
Bastille, Seattle (Ballard)
Bathtub Gin & Co., Seattle
The Beer Authority, Seattle (Lake City)
Beer Junction, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bellini, Seattle (Belltown)
Belltown Billiards, Seattle
Benbow Room, Seattle (West Seattle)
Benihana, Seattle (downtown)
Bernards, Seattle
Betty, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Beveridge Place, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bezt Lounge, Mr. D.'s Greek Restuarant and Lounge, AKA Philoxenia, Seattle (SoDo)
Bicks, Seattle
Big Mario's Pizza and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Big Time Brewery, Seattle
Bilbao, Seattle (U-District)
Bill's Off Broadway, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Billy Beach Sushi and Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Bimbo's Bitchin Seattle Kitchen (new), Seattle
Bing's Bar and Grill (Bing's Bodacious Burgers)
Bitterroot BBQ, Seattle (Ballard)
Bizarro, Seattle
Black Bottle, Seattle (Belltown)
Blackboard Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bleachers, Seattle
Bleu Bistro's Grotto, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bloom, Seattle (Ballard)
Blu Grouse, Seattle (SoDo)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Greenlake)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Leschi)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Lake Union)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (Fremont)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (Downtown)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (U Village)
Blue Glass, The, Seattle
Blue Moon (Est. 1934), Seattle
Blue Nile, Seattle (1st Hill)
Blueacre Seafood, Seattle (downtown)
Blush Lounge, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Bogart's, Seattle (SoDo)
Bogey's, Seattle
Boka, Seattle (downtown)
Bombay Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Book Bindery, Seattle
Bookstore Bar, Seattle
Boom Noodle, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Boom Noodle, Seattle (U Village)
Bottlehouse, Seattle (Madrona)
Bottleworks, Seattle
Boud's Pinehurst Pub, Seattle
The Bourbon Bar, Seattle (Columbia City)
Bourbon and Bones, Seattle (Fremont)
Boxcar Alehouse, Seattle (Magnolia)
Branzino, Seattle (Belltown)
Brass Tacks, Seattle (Georgetown)
Brasa, Seattle
Brasserie Margaux, Seattle (downtown)
Brave Horse Tavern, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Brella's Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Brickyard Bar-B-Q, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Bridge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Broadway Grill, Seattle
Brooklyn, The, Seattle
Brouwer's Cafe, Seattle (Fremont)
Buckleys, Seattle (Belltown)
Buckleys, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Buddha Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
The Burgundian, Seattle (Tangletown)
Bus Stop, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive Way)
Bush Garden, Seattle (International District)
C.C.Attles, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive)
Cactus, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cactus, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Cactus, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cafe 56
Cafe Campagne, Seattle (downtown)
Cafe Con Leche, Seattle (SoDo)
Cafe Flora, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cafe Lago, Seattle (Montlake)
Cafe Presse, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cafe Pettirosso, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cafe Racer, Seattle (U-District)
Calamity Janes, Seattle
Canlis, Seattle
Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Capital Grille, Seattle
Canterbury Ale & Eats, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cantina de San Patricio, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cantinetta, Seattle
kCapitol Cider, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Captain Black's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Carmelita, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Caroline Tavern, Seattle (Lake City)
Casa Patron, Seattle
Casablanca, Seattle (downtown)
The Cask, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cellars, Seattle (Belltown)
Celtic Swell, Seattle (West Seattle)
Central Tavern (Est. 1892), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Century Ballroom, The, Seattle
Cha Cha(new), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chaat Lounge (in Chutney's Grille)
Cha:n, Seattle (Downtown)
Changes Tavern, Seattle
Chao Bistro, Seattle
Central Pizza, Seattle (Leschi)
Chandler's Crabhouse, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Charlies on Broadway, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chen's Village, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Chez Shea, Seattle
The Chieftain, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
China Dragon, Seattle
China Harbor, Seattle
Chuck's 85th St. Market, Seattle (Greenwood)
Circa, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cha:n, Seattle (Downtown)
Chico Madrid, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
China Gourmet, Seattle (north Seattle)
Chinook's, Seattle (Magnolia)
Chop Suey, Seattle
Chungee's Drink 'N Eat, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cicchetti, Seattle (Eastlake)
Citrus, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Claire's Pantry Lounge, Seattle (Lake City)
Clam Digger Lounge (Ivar's Acres of Clams), Seattle (downtown)
Clever Bottle, Seattle (Belltown)
Clever Dunne's Irish House, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Club Kolbeh, Seattle (SoDo)
Coastal Kitchen, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
College Inn Pub, Seattle
Collins Pub, Seattle
Columbia City Ale House, Seattle (Columbia City)
Columbia City Theater, Seattle (Columbia City)
Columbia Tower Club, Seattle
Comet Tavern, Seattle
Conor Byrne, Seattle
Contour, Seattle
Coopers, Seattle
Copper Coin, Seattle (West Seattle)
Corner Pocket, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cornuto, Seattle (Greenwood)
The Coterie Room, Seattle (Belltown)
Counter, The, Seattle (Ballard)
Cowgirls Inc., Seattle
Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar, Seattle (Ravenna)
Crescent, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Crocodile Cafe (new), Seattle
Crosswalk Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Crow, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Crown Hill Pub, Seattle
Crush, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cuff, The, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cuoco, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Cure, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cutters Bayhouse, Seattle
Dahlak Lounge, Seattle (Beacon Hill)Dahlia Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Daily Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Daniel's, Seattle (Lake Union)
Daniel's, Seattle (Leschi)
Dantes, Seattle (U District)
Darrell's Tavern, Seattle
Delancey, Seattle (Ballard)
Delicatus, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Deluxe Bar and Grill, Seattle
Dexter and Hayes Public House, Seattle
Diesel, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Diller Room, Seattle (downtown)
Die BierStube, Seattle
Dilettante Mocha Cafe & Chocolate Martini Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle (Belltown)
Dinette, Seattle
District, Seattle (U-District) - 6/25/07
Doubleheader, The, Seattle (Pioneer Square
Dragon Fish, Seattle (downtown)
Dray, Seattle (Ballard)
Dubliner, Seattle (Fremont)
Duchess Tavern, Seattle
Duck Island Saloon, Seattle
Dukes (Lake Union), Seattle
Dukes Greenlake, Seattle
Duos, Seattle (West Seattle)
Dynasty Room, Seattle (I.D.)
E. Smith Mercantile, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Eagle, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Earls on the Ave, Seattle (U-District)
Eastlake Bar and Grill
Eastlake Zoo, Seattle
Easy Joe's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Ebb Tide Room, Seattle
Echo Lake Tavern, Seattle
Eddie's Pan Asian, Seattle (North Seattle)
Egan's Ballard Jam House, Seattle (Ballard)
El Borracho del Norte, Seattle (Fremont)
El Borracho Taqueria y Cantina, Seattle (downtown)
El Gaucho, Seattle
El Norte, Seattle (Lake City)
El Sombrero, Seattle (Columbia City)
Elemental Pizza, Seattle (U Village)
Elephant and Castle, Seattle
Elliot Bay Brewery, Seattle (West Seattle)
Elliot Bay Brewing, Seattle (Lake City)
Elliots, Seattle (downtown waterfront)
Elysian Brewing Co., Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elysian Fields, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Emerald City Beer Lab, Seattle
Emerald Grill, Seattle (Belltown)
Empire Pub, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Enza Cucina Siciliana, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Epic Ales Tasting Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Essex, Seattle (Ballard)
Eureka, Seattle (U Village)
Eva, Seattle
EVO Tapas Kitchen and Cabaret, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
FX McRorys, Seattle
Fado, Seattle
Far Eats, Seattle (Belltown)
Fat Burger Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Feedback Lounge, Seattle
The Fenix, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Fiddler's Inn, Seattle
Feierabend, Seattle (Eastlake)
Fillmore, The, Seattle (Greenwood)
Finn MacCool's, Seattle>
The Fish Cake Factory, Seattle (Belltown)
Five Point, The, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Five Spot, Seattle (Belltown)
Flowers, Seattle
Floyds Place, Seattle
Flying Fish, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Fogon Cocina Mexicana, Seattle (Fremont)
Fonda la Catrina, Seattle (Georgetown)
Fonte Cafe and Wine Bar, Seattle (downtown)
The Forge Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Fort St. George, Seattle (ID)
Fortune Sports Bar, Seattle (ID)
Fountain Wine Bar, Seattle (downtown)
Fourno's, Seattle (U District)
Foundation, Seattle (Belltown)
Frank's Oyster House and Champagne Parlor, Seattle
FRED Wildlife Refuge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Fremont Dock, Seattle (Fremont)
Fresh Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Frolik (Red Lion), Seattle (Downtown)
Frontier Room, Seattle
Fu Kun Wu (Mai Thaiku), Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Fuel, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Fumaca Brazilian Steakhouse, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Fusion Ultra Lounge, Seattle (U District)
Gainsbourg, Seattle (Greenwood)
Galeria, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Galway Arms, Seattle (U District)
Gameworks Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
The Garage, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Gastropod, Seattle (SoDo)
Gaudi, Seattle (Ravenna)
George and Dragon Pub, Seattle
Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle (Georgetown)
The Gerald, Seattle (Ballard)
Gim Wah, Seattle (Magnolia)
GLO at Ibiza (Pioneer Square)
Globe, The, Seattle (Greenwood)
Golden Beetle, Seattle (Ballard)
Golden City, Seattle (Ballard)
Goldies - Aurora, Seattle (North Seattle)
Goofy's, Seattle (North Seattle)
Gordon Biersch, Seattle (downtown)
Grand Jumbo Restaurant Cocktail Lounge, Seattle (Columbia City)
Great Nabob, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Green Leaf, Seattle (Belltown)
Green Room, Seattle (downtown)
Greenlake Bar & Grill, Seattle
The Grill from Ipanema, Seattle (Belltown)
Grim's / Butterfly Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Grizzled Wizard, Seattle (Wallingford)
Grog, Seattle (Ballard)
Ground Control, Seattle (Georgetown)
Grub, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Gus's, Seattle (Belltown)
Ha!, Seattle (Fremont)
Habana SoDo, Seattle (SoDo)
Hales Brewery, Seattle
Harborside Bistro, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle (downtown)
Harissa, Seattle (Ravenna)
Hart Brewery, Seattle
Hatties Hat, Seattle
Havanna, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hazelwood, Seattle (Ballard)
Heads or Tails, Seattle (North Seattle)
Heidelberg Haus, Seattle (Ravenna)
Henry and Oscar's, Seattle (Belltown)
Henry's First Ave Tavern, Seattle (SoDo)
Hideout, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle (downtown)
Highline, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Highliner Pub, Seattle (Magnolia)
Hilliard's Beer, Seattle (Ballard)
Hillside Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hilltop Ale House, Seattle
Holy Mountain, Seattle
Honey Hole, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hook and Plow, Seattle (Downtown, waterfront)
Hooverville, Seattle (Sodo)
Hop Vine Pub, Seattle
Horses Cut Shop, Seattle (Fremont)
The House Sports Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Hudson, Seattle (SoDo)
Hudson New American Public House, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
HulaHula, Seattle
Hummingbird Saloon, Seattle (Columbia City)
Hunger, Seattle (Fremont)
Hurricane Cafe lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Ibex, Seattle (Columbia City)
IMO Asian Bistro, Seattle
Il Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
iMusic, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Industry Lounge, Seattle (SoDo)
The Innkeeper, Seattle (Belltown)
The Iron Bull, Seattle
Island Soul, Seattle (Columbia City)
Itadatimasu, Seattle (U District)
Izakara Ku, Seattle (University District)
J&M Cafe (Est. 1906), Seattle
Jabu's Pub, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Jade, Seattle (North Seattle)
Jager Bar (Szmania's), Seattle (Magnolia)
Jai Thai, Seattle (Belltown)
Jak's Grill Laurelhurst, Seattle
Jamjuree Thai, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Japonessa Sushi Cocina, Seattle (downtown)
Jasmine, Seattle (Downtown)
Jelly Bar, Seattle (downtown)
Jillians, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Jimmy's, Seattle (SoDo)
Jimmy&apo;s On Broadway (Seattle)
Joe's Bar and Grill, Seattle (ID)
Joey Kitchen, Seattle (U Village)
Joeys, Seattle (Lake Union)
John John's Gameroom, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Joule, Seattle (Wallingford)
Jules Maes, Seattle (Georgetown)
Julia's On Broadway (Capitol Hill)
Juno, Seattle (downtown)
Kaname Izakaya & Schochu Bar
Kangaroo and Kiwi, Seattle
Kate's Pub, Seattle
Kell's Irish Pub, Seattle
Keys On Main, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Kickin Boot Whiskey Kitchen, Seattle (Ballard)
King Street Bar and Oven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Kingfish Cafe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kings Hardware, Seattle (Ballard)
Kiss Cafe, Seattle (Ballard)
Knarr Tavern, Seattle (U District)
Knee High, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kort Haus, Seattle (Greenwood)
The Kraken, Seattle (U District)
Kushibar, Seattle
Kwatay, Seattle (Queen Anne)
LO_FI Performance Gallery, Seattle (Eastlake)
La Bete, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
La Carta De Oaxaca, Seattle (Ballard)
La Isla, Seattle (Ballard)
La Lot Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (downtown)
La Luna, Seattle (Queen Anne)
La Vita É Bella, Seattle
Laadla Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Lake City Bar and Grill, Seattle
Lake Union Grill, Seattle
Lalibela, Seattle (Madrona)
The Lamplighter, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Laredo's, Seattle
Las Margaritas, Seattle (Downtown)
Last Stop Lounge (Endolyne Joe's), Seattle (West Seattle)
Latitude 47, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Latona Pub, Seattle
Lava Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Le Petit Cochon, Seattle (Fremont)
Lecosho, Seattle (Downtown)
Leny's Tavern, Seattle
Liam's, Seattle (U Village)
Liberty, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Library Bistro, Seattle
Limelight Thai Bistro and Lounge, Seattle (U District)
Linda's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Liquid Lounge (EMP), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
List, Seattle (Belltown)
Little Red Hen, Seattle (Greenlake)
Little Water Cantina, Seattle (Eastlake)
LloydMartin, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Lobby, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Local 360, Seattle (Belltown)
Local Vine, Seattle (U Village)
Lock and Keel, Seattle
Lockspot Cafe, Seattle (Ballard)
Locol Barley and Wine, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Lodge Sports Grill, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Lola, Seattle (Belltown)
The London Plane, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Lookout, Seattle
Loretta's Northwesterner, Seattle
Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Lost Pelican, Seattle (Belltown)
Lost River Winery, Seattle (Downtown)
Lottie's Lounge, Seattle
Lotus Asian Kitchen and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Louie's, Seattle
Louisa's Cafe, Seattle (Eastlake)
Lowell's, Seattle
LTD Bar & Grill, Seattle
Luc, Seattle (Madison Valley)
Lucid, Seattle (U-District)
Lucy, Seattle
Ludi's Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Lunchbox Laboratory, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whisky, Seattle (West Seattle)
Mac's Smokehouse, Seattle
Mac's Triangle Pub, Seattle
MacLeod's Scottish Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Mad Dog Ale House, Seattle
Madhu, Seattle (Belltown)
Madison Pub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Madrona Eatery and Ale House, Seattle
Magnolia Village Pub
Maharaja, Seattle (West Seattle)
Manhattan Drugs, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mamma Melina Ristorante, Seattle (U Village)
Mamnoon, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mandarin Room (Moon Temple Restaurant), Seattle (45th)
Maneki, Seattle (International District)
Manhattan Drugs, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Maple Leaf Grill, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Marche, Seattle (downtown)
Masala, Seattle (Northgate)
Marco Polo Bar & Grill, Seattle (SoDO)
Marcus' Martini Heaven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Marination Ma Kai, Seattle (West Seattle)
Marjorie, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Market Arms, Seattle (Ballard)
Marriott Waterfront Lobby Bar, Seattle (Downtown, waterfront)
Mars Bar (and Cafe Venus), Seattle (Eastlake)
Mars Bistro, Seattle (U District)
The Masonry, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Matador, Seattle (Ballard)
May, Seattle (Wallingford)
Maya's Mexican Cantina, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Maximiliens in the Market, Seattle
McCormick and Schmicks (Downtown 4th Ave), Seattle
McGilvra's, Seattle (Madison Park)
McMenamins (Lower Queen Anne), Seattle
Mecca Cafe, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne
Medusa, Seattle (Belltown)
Merchant's Cafe (Est. 1890), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Mercury, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mesob Ethopian Restaurant, seattle
Metropole, Seattle (downtown)
Metropolitan Steakhouse, Seattle (Downtown)
Mezcaleria Oaxaca, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Mick Finster's, Seattle (North Seattle)
Miyabi, Seattle (Wallingford)
Mike's Chili Parlor, Seattle (Ballard)
Millers Guild, Seattle (Downtown)
Mioposto, Seattle (Mt. Baker)
Mission, Seattle (West Seattle)
Mistral Kitchen, Seattle
The Mix, Seattle (Georgetown)
Mkt, Seattle (Tangletown)
Moby's Seattle (downtown)
Molly Maguires, Seattle (Ballard)
Momiji, Seatte (Capitol Hill)
Mondello, Seattle (Magnolia)
Monkey Pub, Seattle (U District)
Montana, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mortons, Seattle (Downtown)
Moshi Moshi Sushi, Seattle (Ballard)
Mulleady's, Seattle (Magnolia)
Murphy's, Seattle (Wallingford)
Mutiny Hall, Seattle (North Seattle)
Naam Thai Cuisine, Seattle (Madrona)
Naked City, Seattle (Greenwood)
Narwhal, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Nectar, Seattle (Fremont)
Needle and Thread, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Neighbor Lady, Seattle (Central District)
Neighbors Underground, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Neighbors, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Neptune Theater, Seattle (U District)
Neumos, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The New Orleans, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
New York Pizza and Bar, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Nick's Off Market, Seattle (Ballard)
Nickerson St. Saloon, Seattle (Fremont)
Night Owl (13 Coins Lounge), Seattle
Nijo, Seattle (downtown)
Nite Light, Seattle
The Noble Fir, Seattle (Ballard)
The Nook, Seattle (Magnolia)
Norm's Eatery and Alehouse, Seattle (Fremont)
Northlake Tavern and Pizza House, Seattle
NW Peaks Brewery, Seattle (Ballard)
O'Asian, Seattle (downtown)
Oak, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Ocho, Seattle (Ballard)
Octopus Bar, Seattle (Wallingford)
Odd Fellows Cafe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Oskar's Kitchen (The Bubble Room), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Olaf's, Seattle (Ballard)
Old Pequliar, Seattle (Ballard)
The Old Sage, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Olde 99 Pub, Seattle (North Seattle)
Oliver's (Mayflower Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Oliver's Twist, Seattle (Greenwood)
Orient Express, Seattle (SoDo)
Origin, Seattle (downtown)
Osteria la Spiga, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ould Triangle, Seattle
Outlander Brewery and Pub, Seattle (Fremont)
Outwest, Seattle (West Seattle)
Owl and Thistle, Seattle (downtown)
Ozzies Roadhouse, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Pacific Inn, Seattle
Paddy Coyne's, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Paddy Coyne's, Seattle (downtown)
Pair, Seattle
Palace Kitchen, Seattle (Belltown)
Palisade, Seattle
Pampas Room, Seattle (Belltown)
Panevino, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Paragon, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Park Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pazzos, Seattle (Eastlake)
Pecado Bueno, Seattle (Fremont)
Pecado Bueno, Seattle (West Seattle)
Peddler Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
People's Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Percho No, Seattle (Wallingford)
Percy's, Seattle (Ballard)
Pesos, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Pestle Rock Isan Thai, Seattle (Ballard)
Pete's Fremont Fire Pit, Seattle (Fremont)
Pexos Sports Bar, Seattle (Lake City)
Piatti, Seattle (University Village)
Pie Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pied Piper Ale House, Seattle (Ravenna)
Pig and Whistle, Seattle (Greenwood)
The Pine Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Phinney Market Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Phoenicia, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pike Place Bar & Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Pike Pub, Seattle (downtown)
Pine Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pink Door, Seattle (downtown)
Pintxo, Seattle (Belltown)
Pioneer Square Saloon, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Piper's Creek, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pizzeria 22, Seattle (West Seattle)
Place Pigalle, Seattle (downtown)
Plum Vegan Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pnk Ultralounge, Seattle (downtown)
Poco Wine Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Poggie Tavern, Seattle (West Seattle)
Polar Bar, (Arctic Club Hotel) Seattle
Ponti, Seattle (Fremont)
Pony, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pop Kitchen + Bar, Seattle (Seattle Center)
Poppy, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Populuxe Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
Poquito's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Portalis, Seattle (Ballard)
Post, Seattle (Pike Place)
Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, Seattle (Madrona)
Prost!, Seattle (West Seattle)
Prost!, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pub at 3rd Place, Seattle (Ravenna)
Purple, Seattle (downtown)
Purr, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pyramid Brewery, Seattle (SoDo)
Q, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Quarter Lounge, Seattle
Queen Margherita, Seattle (Magnolia)
Quinn's Gastropub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Quoin (Revel), Seattle (Fremont)
The Rabbit Hole, Seattle (Belltown)
Rachel's Ginger Beer, Seattle (Downtown)
Radiator Whiskey, Seattle (Downtown)
The Ram, Seattle (Northgate Mall)
The Ram, Seattle (U Village)
Ras Dashen, Seattle (Central District)
Rat and Raven, Seattle
Ravenna Alehouse, Seattle
Ravish, Seattle (Eastlake)
Ray's Boathouse, Seattle (Golden Gardens)
Re-bar, Seattle (Downtown)
The Red Door, Seattle (Fremont)
Red Lantern, Seattle (International District)
Red Lion Terrace Garden (downtown), Seattle
Red Onion Tavern, Seattle
Red Papaya, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Red Robin, Seattle (Northgate Mall)
Red Robin, Seattle (Alaskan Way)
Redline, Seattle (West Seattle)
Redwood, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Regent Bakery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Relish, Seattle (Downtown)
The Rendezvous, Seattle (Belltown)
Re:Public, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Reservoir Bar and Grill, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Retro Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Reuben's Brews, Seattle (Ballard)
The Rickshaw, Seattle (North Seattle)
The Ridge, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Rione XIII, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ristorante Picolinos, Seattle (Ballard)
RN74, Seattle (downtown)
Roanoke Tavern, Seattle
Rocco's, Seattle (Belltown)
Rock Bottom Brewery, Seattle (Downtown)
Rock Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Rock Salt, Seattle
The Rock, Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
RockCreek, Seattle (Fremont)
Rocksport Bar and Grill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Rogue and Peasant, Seattle (Fremont)
Rookies Sports Bar and Grill, Seattle (Columbia City)
Roosevelt Ale House, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Rose Petals, Seattle (Rainier Valley)
Rosebud, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Rosita's (Rosie's Cantina), Seattle (Greenlake)
Roux, Seattle (Fremont)
Roxbury Lanes Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Royal Room, Seattle (Columbia City)
Ruby Asian Dining, Seattle (Leschi)
Rudy's Place, Seattle (Magnolia)
The Ruins, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Rumba, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Runway Cafe, Seattle (Georgetown)
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Seattle (Downtown)
RView, Seattle (Downtown)
Sabai, Seattle (Leschi)
Saffron, Seattle (Northgate)
Saigon Nice, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
The Saint, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Saint John's Bar and Eatery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Saltoro, Seattle (North Seattle) Salty's, Seattle (Alki Beach)
Sam's Bar and Grill, Seattle (Lake City)
Sam's Tavern, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sambar, Seattle (Ballard)
Sandpoint Grill, Seattle
Sarajevo Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Sazerac, Seattle (Downtown)
Scarlet Tree, Seattle (Ravenna)
Schooner Exact Tap Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Scorecard Bar and Grill, Seattle (Northgate)
Sea Monster, Seattle (Wallingord)
Seastar, Seattle (downtown)
Sebi's Bistro, Seattle (Eastlake)
Serafina, Seattle (Eastlake)
Serendipity, Seattle (Magnolia)
Seven Seas Lounge, Seattle (Lake City)
The Sexton, Seattle (Ballard)
Shadow Land, Seattle (West Seattle)
Shanik, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Shanty Tavern, Seattle (Lake City)
Shawn O'Donnell's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Shelter Lounge, Seattle (Ballard)
Sheraton Seattle Lobby Lounge, Seattle
Shiku Sushi, Seattle (Ballard)
Shilla Korean Japanese Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Ship Canal Grill, Seattle (Eastlake)
Shop Agora, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Shorty's Coney Island, Seattle (Belltown)
Showbox, Seattle (downtown)
Shuckers, Seattle (Downtown)
Siam on Eastlake, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Sinners & Saints, Seattle (Fremont)
Siren Tavern, Seattle (SoDo)
The Sitting Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Six Arms, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Six Seven, Seattle (Edgewater Hotel) (Downtown, waterfront)
The Sixgill, Seattle (Fremont)
Sixth Ave. Bar & Grill, Seattle
Skillet Diner, Seattle (Capitol Hill)>
Skillet Dinner, Seattle (Ballard)
Skylark, Seattle (West Seattle)
Slim's Last Chance, Seattle
Sloop Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Sluggers, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Smarty Pants, Seattle (Georgetown)
Smash, Seattle (U-District)
The Sexton, Seattle (Ballard)
Smith, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Speckled and Drake, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Spinasse, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sole Repair, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Solo, Seattle (Queen Anne)
some random bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Sonya's, Seattle (downtown)
Space Needle, Seattle
Speckled and Drake, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Spectator, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Spitfire, Seattle (Belltown)
Sport (Fischer Plaza), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Spur Gastropub, Seattle (Belltown)
St. Andrews Bar and Grill, Seattle (Greenlake)
St. Cloud's Seattle (Madrona)
St. Dame's, Seattle (Columbia City)
Standard Brewing, Seattle (Central District)
Stanford's, Seattle (Northgate)
Staple and Fancy Mercantile, Seattle (Ballard)
Star Brass Lounge, Seattle (Georgetown)
Stellar Pizza & Ale, Seattle (Georgetown)
The Stepping Stone, Seattle
Still Liquor, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Stonecreek, Seattle (Fremont)
Streamline Tavern, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Studio 7, Seattle (SoDo)
Stumbing Monk, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Stumbling Goat Bistro, Seattle (Greenwood)
Suite 410, Seattle (downtown)
Sullivan's Steakhouse, Seattle (downtown)
Sully's, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Sully's Snowgoose, Seattle (Greenwood)
Summit Public House, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sun Liquor, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sun Liquor Distillery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sunset Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Super Deli Mart, Seattle (West Seattle)
Sur (Club Sur), Seattle (SoDo)
Swannies, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Sweet Lou's, Seattle (North Seattle)
Swirl Wine Bar, Seattle (Magnolia)
T-Bird Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
TS McHughs, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Table In Gallery (TIG), Seattle
Talarico's Pizza Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
TanakaSan, Seattle (Belltown)
Tangletown, Seattle (Tangletown)
Tango Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tap House Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Targy's Tavern, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Taqueria Tequila, Seattle (North Seattle)
Tarasco, Seattle (Ballard)
Taste, Seattle (Downtown)
Tavern Law, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Taverna Mazi, Seattle (north Seattle)
Tavolata, Seattle (Belltown)
Teachers Lounge, Seattle (Greenwood)
Teddy's Tavern, Seattle (North Seattle)
Temple Billiards, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Ten Mercer, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
A Terrible Beauty, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Thirsty Fish, The, Seattle (North Seattle)
Thurston's Bistro, Seattle (Greenlake)
Tia Lous, Seattle (Belltown)
Tiki Bob's Cantina, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Tilikum Place Cafe, Seattle (Belltown)
Tim's Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Tin Hat, Seattle (Ballard)
Tin Lizzie Lounge, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Tin Table, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tini Bigs, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Tommy Gun, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tonga Lounge, Seattle (University district)
Toulouse Petit, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Trace (W Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Tractor Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)

Trago Cocina and Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Traveler, Seattle (Ballard)
Treehouse Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Triangle Pub, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Trinity, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Triumph, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Tug Tavern, Seattle (AKA "Uncle Hal's Tug Tavern, AKA "Tug Inn")
Tulio Ristorante, Seattle (Downtown)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Columbia City)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Wallingford)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Westlake)
Twilight Martini Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Twilight Exit, Seattle (Central District)
Two Beers Tasting Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Two Bells, Seattle (Belltown)
Uber, Seattle (Aurora)
Umi Sake House, Seattle (Belltown)
Underground Asian Fusion Bistro, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Unicorn, Seattle
Union Bar, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
The Upstairs, Seattle (Belltown)
Urban Family Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
Urbane (Olive 8), Seattle
Vela Pizzeria and Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Velvet Stage, Seattle (SoDo)
Venik Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Vermillion, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Fremont)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Georgetown)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Victory Lounge, Seattle
kVif's, Seattle (Fremont)
Viola!, Seattle (Madison Valley)
Virginia Inn, Seattle (Downtown)
Visions Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Vitos, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Volterra, Seattle
Volume, Seattle (Pioneer square)
Von Trapp's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Von's 1000 Spirits, Seattle (downtown)
Waid's Haitian Cuisine and Lounge , Seattle (Central District)
WaMu Theater, Seattle (SoDo)
Wann, Seattle (Belltown)
Wasabi Bistro, Seattle Belltown)
Waterfront, Seattle (Downtown waterfront) (now "Aqua by El Gaucho")
Waterwheel Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Wayne's World Tavern, Seattle
Wedgewood Broiler Lounge, Seattle
Wedgwood Ale House, Seattle
West Five, Seattle (West Seattle)
West Seattle Bowl Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Westward, Seattle (Fremont)
The Whale Wins, Seattle (Wallingford)
Whalemaker Lounge, Seattle (Ballard)
Whisky Bar, Seattle (Belltown, 2000 2nd Ave)
White Rabbit, Seattle (Fremont)
White Horse Trading Co., Seattle (Pike Place Market)
Wild Ginger, Seattle (Downtown)
Wild Mountain Cafe, Seattle (North Seattle)
Wild Rose Tavern, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Wing Central, Seattle (U District)
WingMasters, Seattle (Ballard)
Witness, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Wonder Coffee and Sports Bar, Seattle (Central District)
Woodsky's, Seattle (Fremont)
World Sports Grill, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The Wurst Place, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The Yard, Seattle (Greenwood)
Yard House, Seattle (Downtown)
Yen Wor Garden (China Jade), Seattle (Greenwood)
Yen Wor Village, Seattle (West Seattle)
Yuji's Lounge (Kona Kitchen), Seattle
Zayda Buddy's, Seattle (Ballard)
ZigZag Café, Seattle (Pike Place Market)
Zobel Restaurant (Central District)
Zoe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)

Bars from Seattle Past

1st Hill Bar & Grill, Seattle
20th St. Tavern, Seattle
22 Doors (temporarily just "22"), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
2100 Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
35th Street Bistro, Seattle (Fremont)
5 Corner Market, Seattle (Ballard)
5th St. Tavern, Seattle
700 Club, Seattle
A Caprice Kitchen, Seattle (Ballard)
Acorn Eatery, Seattle
Alki Tavern, Seattle
All Nations Soccer Bar, Seattle
Ama Ama Oyster Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Amaani Lounge (King Cat Theater), Seattle (Belltown)
Amore Infused, Seattle (Belltown)
Angie's Tavern, Seattle (Columbia City)
Apartment Bistro, The, Seattle
Asian 1, Seattle (north Seattle)
Atlas Foods, Seattle
Avila, Seattle
Axis, Seattle
Babalu, Seattle (Wallingford)
Backstage, The, Seattle (Ballard)
Bad Juju Lounge, Seattle
Bad Monkey Bistro, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Bada Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bada Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Bako, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ballard Avenue Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Firehouse, Seattle
Bandolero, Seattle (Greenlake)
Benjamins, Seattle
Bisato, Seattle
Bit Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Blarney Stone, Seattle (Belltown)
Bleu Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bohemian, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Boom Boom Room (The Century Restaurant), Seattle (U District)
Borsalino's, Seattle (Eastlake)
Bricco Della Regina Anna, Seattle (Queen Anne)
The Buck, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Buckaroo Tavern, Seattle
Bus Stop (original), The, Seattle
C.C.Attles, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Madison)
C.S. Finnegan's, Seattle
Cadillac Jack's, Seattle
Cafe Amore, Seattle (Belltown)
Cafe Kanape, Seattle(Capitol Hill)
Cafe Metropolitain, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Café Septieme, Seattle
Cal's Classic American Kitchen, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Campagne, Seattle
Capitol Club, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Carnegie's, Seattle (Ballard)
Cascadia, Seattle
Casuelita's, Seattle
Catwalk, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Cha Cha (original), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chabela's, Seattle (Wallingford)
Chac Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chapel, The, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chez Gaudy, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chicagos, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Chino's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chopstix, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Christo's On Alki, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cloud Room, Seattle
Club 99, Seattle
Club Hollywood, Seattle
Club Medusa, Seattle
Coldwater Bar and Grill (Westin Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Colourbox, Seattle
Copper Cart Cafe, Seattle
The Copper Gate, Seattle (Ballard)
Corner Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Crimson C, Seattle (downtown)
Dad Watsons, Seattle
Dawg Tagz, Seattle (Aurora)
Del Rey, Seattle
Denny's Lounge, Seattle (Northgate)
Dimaggios, Seattle (Greenwood)
Detention, Seattle (U District)
Ditto Tavern (AKA Writer Boy's Ditto Tavern), Seattle (Belltown)
DiVino, Seattle (Ballard)
Doc Maynards, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Dope Burger, Seattle (Belltown)
Downunder, Seattle (Belltown)
Duck Dodge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Dulces Latin Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
Dutch Ned's Saloon, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Earnie Steele's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Earth and Ocean (W Hotel), Seattle (Downtown)
Easy Joe's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ebb'n'Flow, Seattle (U-District) - 12/30/06
Edge Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Electric Tea Garden, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elite Tavern (original), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elite, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive Way)
Elliot's Seafood Cafe, Seattle (downtown waterfront)
Empire Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Faire Gallery Cafe, Seattle
Fenix Underground (original), Seattle
Fenix Underground (new), Seattle
Fenix, Sodo
Fine Diner International Cuisine, Seattle (Northgate)
Flow Lounge, Seattle
Flying Fish, Seattle (Belltown)
Fox Sports Grill, Seattle
Foxxes (The Church), Seattle
Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku, Seattle (Ballard)
Funhouse, Seattle
Gambas Japanese & French Restaurant (Belltown)
Gaspare, Seattle (Greenwood)
Gibsons, Seattle (Downtown)
Giggles, Seattle (U District)
Goldies - 45th, Seattle (Wallingford)
Goldies - U District, Seattle
Graceland, Seattle (Downtown)
Green Lantern, Seattle (U District)
Greenlake Ale House, Seattle (Greenwood)
Grey Gallery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Habesha, Seattle
Hall of Fame, Seattle (U District)
Hamburger Harry's, Seattle (Ballard)
Harlow's Saloon, Seattle (Ballard)
Heaven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Hollywood Underground, Seattle (U District)
Hoyt's Pub, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Hunger, Seattle (4256 Fremont)
Hunter Gatherer Lodge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
I-Spy, Seattle (Belltown)
Impromptu, Seattle (Madison Park)
Ipanema, Seattle (Downtown)
Irish Emigrant, Seattle (U District)
The Islander, Seattle (Downtown)
Jack's Roadhouse, Seattle
Jake's Bar and Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Jones, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Juju, Seattle (Belltown)
June, Seattle (Madrona)
Keg, The, (U District), Seattle
Kelly's, Seattle (Belltown)
Kelly O'Brien's, Seattle (Ballard)
Kiki Tap and Eatery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kincora Pub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
King Cobra, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kristo's, Seattle (Eastlake)
Kurrent, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
La Puerta, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Larry's Greenfront, Seattle
Last Supper Club, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Le Bon Ton Roule
Licorous, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lion's Lair, Seattle (Greenwood)
Little Red Bistro, Seattle
The Living Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lobo Saloon, Seattle (Eastlake)
Local Vine, Seattle (Belltown)
Local Vine, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lockstock, Seattle
Lombardi's, Seattle (Ballard)
The Luau, Seattle (Tangletown)
Lucky 8, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Madame K's Pizza Bistro (Ballard)
Maharaja, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Manray, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Marco's Supper Club, Seattle (Belltown)
Marie Callenders, Seattle (Northgate)
Martin's Off Madison, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
McCormick and Schmicks, Seattle (North Lake Union)
McCormick and Schmicks (Downtown 1st Ave), Seattle
Mel's Tavern, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Mestizo Tequila Ultra Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Meza, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mira (AKA Faina), Seattle
Mirabeau Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Mitchelli's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Moe's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mona's Bistro, Seattle (Green Lake)
Montlake Ale House, Seattle
Club Motor, Seattle (SoDo)
Mr. Bills, Seattle (North Seattle)
Naos Lounge, Seattle (Fremont)
The Night Kitchen, Seattle (downtown)
Noc Noc, Seattle
Northgate Theatre Lounge, Seattle (North Seattle)
O Lounge, Seattle (Queen Anne)
OK Hotel, Seattle
Oceanair, Seattle (Downtown)
Off Ramp, The, Seattle (Eastlake)
Old Timers, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Old Town Alehouse, Seattle (Ballard)
Orcas Landing, Seattle (Hillman City)
Outback Steakhouse, Seattle (North Seattle, Aurora Ave)
Outrigger, The, (Trader Vics), Seattle (downtown)
The Owl, Seattle
Pan Africa Grill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pan Africa Market, Seattle (downtown)
Paratii Craft Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Parkers, Seattle (North Seattle)
Patti Summers' Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Pau Hana, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pete's Fremont Fire Pit, Seattle (Fremont)
Pike's Bar & Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pillagers Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Planet Hollywood, Seattle (downtown)
Planet Georgetown (AKA Uncle Mo's), Seattle (Georgetown)
Polly Esther's, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Polpetta, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
The Porterhouse, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pour House, Seattle (Greenlake/Tangletown)
Premier, Seattle (SoDo
The Publican, Seattle (Tangletown)
Qube Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Rain Dancer, Seattle (U District)
The Rainbow, Seattle (U District)
Ravioli Station Trainwreck, Seattle (Fremont)
Rckcndy, Seattle (Downtown)
Reading Gaol, Seattle (Ballard)
Red Fin, Seattle (downtown)
Red Robin (Fuhrman Ave - original Red Robin)
Red Robin (Capitol Hill)
Redline Music and Sports
Republiq, Seattle (SoDo)
Restaurant Bea, Seattle (Magnolia)
Revyve, Seattle (Belltown)
Rimrock Steakhouse, Seattle (Lake City)
Romper Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Santolea, Seattle (Fremont)
Satellite Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Scoundrel's Lair, Seattle
Shipwreck, Seattle (West Seattle)
Showa Izakaya, Seattle (Fremont)
The Signature, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Sip, Seattle (downtown)
Sit & Spin, Seattle (Belltown)
Skelly and the Bean, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Skybox Sports Lounge, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Sneakers, Seattle
Snoose Junction (Part Dieu), Seattle (Greenwood)
Soban Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Sonrisa, Seattle (U Village)
Sorry Charlies, Seattle
Southlake Grill, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Splash Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Spring Hill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Squid Row, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Starlite Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Stir, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
The Storeroom, Seattle (Eastlake)
Suite G, Seattle (Fremont)
Sundown Tavern, Seattle (North Seattle)
Taberna del Alabadero, Seattle (Belltown)
Table 35, Seattle (West Seattle)
Tailgaters, Seattle (Ballard)
Tex's Tavern, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Thompson's Point of View, Seattle (Central District)
Tidbit Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tiger Lounge, Seattle (SoDo)
Tiger Sports Bar, Seattle (North Seattle)
Tigertail, Seattle (Ballard)
Toi, Seattle (Downtown)
Tommy's, Seattle (U District)
Treehouse Bar and Grill, Seattle
Triangle Tavern, Seattle (Fremont)
Trolleyman Pub, Red Hook Brewery, Seattle (Fremont)
Turf Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Twin TeePees, Seattle (Greenwood)
Twist, Seattle (Belltown)
Two Dagos from Texas, Seattle (Belltown)
Txori, Seattle (Belltown)
Typhoon, Seattle (Downtown)
Union, Seattle (Downtown)
Urban Enoteca, Seattle
V Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Van's 105 Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Varro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Veil, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Venom, Seattle (Belltown)
Ventana, Seattle (Belltown)
Verve Wine Bar, Seattle (Columbia City)
Vessel, Seattle (downtown)
Vessel (Olive Way), Seattle (downtown)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Belltown)
Viceroy (now Rob Roy), Seattle
Vif's, Seattle (Fremont)
Viking Tavern (Est. 1950), Seattle
Visions Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
The Vogue, Seattle (Belltown)
The Vogue, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Von's Grand City Café, Seattle (Downtown)
The War Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Watertown (now HulaHula), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
The Weathered Wall, Seattle (Belltown)
Whisky Bar, Seattle (Belltown, 2122 2nd Ave)
Wine Tea Chocolate, Seattle (Fremont)
Winner's Circle, Seattle (Greenwood)
Ximaica, Seattle (Belltown)
Zoe, Seattle (Belltown)
Zeitoon Cafe Bistro, Seattle (Belltown)

Washington State (outside Seattle)

Captain's Corner, Aberdeen, WA
John's River Lodge, Aberdeen, WA
Mac's Tavern and Card Room, Aberdeen, WA
NW Passage, Aberdeen, WA
The Pourhouse, Aberdeen, WA

Royal Bear Pub and Eatery, Algona, WA

Nick's Tavern, Amboy, WA

Anchor Inn, Anacortes, WA
Brown Lantern Ale House, Anacortes, WA

Longhorn Tavern, Arlington, WA

The Red Lotus, Auburn, WA
Spunky Monkey Bar and Grill, Auburn, WA

Harbour Public House, Bainbridge Island, WA
Hitchcock Restaurant, Bainbridge Island, WA

520 Bar and Grill, Bellevue, WA
Barrio, Bellevue, WA
Bellevue Grill Lounge (Sheraton), Bellevue, WA
Bis on Main, Bellevue, WA
Black Bottle Postern, Bellevue, WA
Blue Martini, Bellevue, WA
Boom Noodle, Bellevue, WA
Cast Iron Studios, Bellevue, WA
Cypress Lounge and Wine Bar (Westin HOtel), Bellevue, WA
Daniel's Broiler, Bellevue, WA
Earl's, Bellevue, WA
East Side Bar and Grill, Bellevue, WA
Goose Pub, The, Bellevue WA
Grand Cru Mixologie, Bellevue, WA (CLOSED)
Habitant, Bellevue, WA
Joey, Bellevue, WA
John Howie Steak, Bellevue, WA
Koral, Bellevue, WA
Lil' Jon Lounge, Bellevue, WA
Maggiano's Little Italy, Bellevue, WA
Mariposa (Nieman Marcus), Bellevue, WA
Melting Pot, Bellevue, WA
McCormick and Schmick's, Bellevue, WA
Monsoon East, Bellevue, WA
Munchbar, Bellevue, WA
Mustard Seed Too, Bellevue
Naga Lounge (Chantanee Restaurant), Bellevue, WA
Outback Steakhouse, Bellevue, WA
Palomino, Bellevue, WA
Parlor Ultralounge, Bellevue, WA (CLOSED)
Pearl, Bellevue, WA
PF Chang, Bellevue, WA
The Pumphouse, Bellevue, WA
Red Robin, Bellevue, WA
Rock Bottom Brewery, Bellevue, WA
Sam's Bar and Grill, Bellevue, WA
Sazon, Bellevue, WA
Seastar, Bellevue
sky Ultra Lounge, Bellevue, WA
The Spot Off Main, Bellevue, WA
Suite Lounge (Hyatt), Bellevue, WA
Tap House Grill, Bellevue, WA
Tokyo Steakhouse, Bellevue, WA
Trader Vics, Bellevue, WA
Twisted Cork, Bellevue, WA
Wild Ginger, Bellevue, WA

Archer Ale House, Bellingham, WA
Dirty Dan Harris', Bellingham, WA

The Palm Tavern, Benton City, WA

Bluebird Inn, Bickleton, WA

Boots Tavern, Black Diamond, WA

Bert's Tavern, Bothell, WA
Thrashers Corner Pub, Bothell, WA

Corner Pub, Bow, WA

Brother Don's, Bremerton, WA
Drift Inn, Bremerton, WA
Fuzzy Naval, Bremerton, WA
McCloud's, Bremerton, WA
Monica's Social Club, Bremerton, WA
National Roadhouse Pub, Bremerton, WA
Pour House, Bremerton, WA
South Pacific, Bremerton, WA

Joe's Place, Bucoda, WA

Barrel, The, Burien, WA
Bison Creek Pizza, Burien, WA
Elmer's Pub, Burien, WA
Fiesta Del Mar, Burien, WA
Mark, Burien, WA
Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, Burien, WA
Side Street Kitchen and Bar, Burien, WA
The Tin Room, Burien, WA

Camano Island Inn, Camano Island, WA

Carbonado Saloon, Carbonado, WA

Pandora Cellars, Carnation, WA
Pete's Club Tavern, Carnation, WA

Club Crow, Cashmere, WA

Diner on Main, Cathlamet, WA

Country Cousin, Centralia, WA
The Hub Tavern, Centralia, WA
Tower Tavern, Centralia, WA

Garbe's Tavern, Chehalis, WA
Market Street Pub, Chehalis, WA
The Shire, Chehalis, WA
Star Tavern, Chehalis, WA

Acorn Saloon Feeding Station, Colville, WA

Sit'n Bull Saloon, Conconully, WA
Tamarack Saloon, Conconully, WA

The Hub, Concrete, WA

Conway Pub/Tavern, Conway, WA
Conway Muse, Conway, WA

Hazy's Tavern, Connell, WA

The Green Lantern Pub, Copalis Beach, WA

Artic Tavern, Cosmopolis, WA
Brooklyn Tavern, Cosmopolis, WA

Coulegan's, Coulee City, WA
Last Stand Diner and Saloon, Coulee City, WA

Coulee Dam Casino, Coulee Dam, WA

Toby's Tavern, Coupeville, WA

Nikki's Restaurant and Lounge, Covington, WA

City Hall Saloon, Cumberland, WA

Red Top Tavern, Darrington, WA

All Star Sports Bar, Des Moines, WA
Lighthouse Lounge, Des Moines, WA

Duvall Grill and Tap Room, Duvall, WA

Pour House Grub and Pub, Eatonville, WA

Longhorn Saloon, Edison, WA
Old Edison Tavern, Edison, WA

A Very Taki Tiki Bar, Edmonds, WA
Demetri's Woodstone Taverna, Edmonds, WA
Engel's Pub, Edmonds, WA
Harvey's Tavern, Edmonds, WA
Johnny's Sports Bar, Edmonds, WA
Loft, Edmonds, WA
Rory's, Edmonds, WA
Scott's Bar and Grill, Edmonds, WA

Mt. Rainier Railroad Dining Company - The Sidetrack Room, Elbe, WA

Electric City Bar & Grill, Electric City, WA

Alibi Sports Bar, Elma, WA
Porter Saloon, Elma, WA
Shujack's, Elma, WA

Arnie's Horseshoe, Ellensburg, WA
Bleachers, Ellensburg, WA
First and Last Chance Tavern, Ellensburg, WA
Frontier Tavern, Ellensburg, WA
The Palace, Ellensburg, WA
ShuJack's Bar and Grill, Elma, WA
The Tav, Ellensburg, WA

Entiat Log Cabin, Entiat, WA

Rainier Bar and Grill, Enumclaw, WA
Ski Inn, Enumclaw, WA
Yella Beak Saloon, Enumclaw, WA

1890 Tailgator, Everett, WA
The Anchor Pub, Everett, WA
Anthony's Homeport, Everett, WA
Buzz Inn Steak House, Everett, WA
Cactus Moon Saloon, Everett, WA
Foxy's Steak and Spirits, Everett, WA
Jimmy Jack's Classic Rock Cafe, Everett, WA
Jimmy Z's, Everett, WA
Jodie's Drink Bikini Bar, Everett, WA
O'Finnigan's Pub and Grill, Everett, WA
Fish Tail Brew Pub, Everett, WA
Prohibition Gastropub, Everett, WA
Shotze's, Everett, WA

Fall City Roadhouse, Fall City, WA
Last Frontier Saloon, Fall City, WA

Cockatoo's Chicken Restaurant, Federal Way, WA

Mill Creek Bar and Grill, Forks, WA

China City, Freeland, WA
Freeland Cafe and Lounge, Freeland, WA

China Pearl, Friday Harbor, WA
Herb's Tavern, Friday Harbor, WA

7 Seas Brewing Tap Room, Gig Harbor, WA
Halftime Sports Saloon, Gig Harbor, WA
Hy-Iu-Hee-Hee, Gig Harbor, WA
Tanglewood Grill, Gig Harbor, WA
Tides Tavern, Gig Harbor, QA

Prospector's Steak and Ale House, Gold Bar, WA

Wig Wam Pub, Gorst, WA

Little Red Barn Loaf'n Shed, Grand Mound, WA

M & J Tavern, Grandview, WA

Spar Tree Bar and Grill, Granite Falls, WA

Local Bar and Grill, Grayland, WA

Duffy's Irish Pub, Grays River, WA

Naches Tavern, Greenwater, WA

The Spur, Harrah, WA

Hartline Recreation Cafe, Hartline, WA

8th Street Ale House, Hoquiam, WA
Foggy's, Hoquiam, WA
Trio's Tavern, Hoquiam, WA

Raven and Finch, Ilwaco, WA
Sea Hag, Ilwaco, WA
Sea Pearl (Harbor Lights Lounge), Ilwaco, WA

Boots and Saddles Saloon, Ione, WA

H&H Tavern, Issaquah, WA
Issaquah Brewhouse, Issaquah, WA
Malarkey's Sports Grill, Issaquah, WA
Rollin Log Tavern, Issaquah, WA
Stan's Bar-B-Q, Issaquah, WA

The Chinook Room (Columbia Inn), Kalama, WA
Poker Pete's Pizza, Kalama, WA

Kapowsin Ale House and Grill, Kapowsin, WA

Cedars Restaurant, Kennewick, WA
The Crow's Nest (Clover Island Inn), Kennewick, WA
The Pub, Kennewick, WA
White Buddha Lounge, Kennewick, WA

192 Brewing, Kenmore, WA
Cozy Inn Tavern, Kenmore, WA
Double D Bar and Grill, Kenmore, WA
Ikiiki Sushi, Kenmore, WA
Lake Trail Taproom (192 Brewing), Kenmore, WA
Lakepointe Bar and Grill, Kenmore, WA
North Shore Pub, Kenmore, WA
Tai Ho, Kenmore, WA

Bad Monkey Bar and Grill, Kent, WA
Bubba's Place, Kent, WA

Drifters Pub and Grill, Kingston, WA
Filling Station, Kingston, WA
Kingston Inn, Kingston, WA - 2002
Main Street Ale House, Kingston, WA
Point No Point Casino, Kingston, WA

Beach House Bar and Grill, Kirkland, WA
Big Fish Grill, Kirkland, WA
Central Club, Kirkland, WA
The Crab Cracker, Kirkland, WA
Hector's, Kirkland, WA
The Keg, Kirkland, WA
Lucky 7, Kirkland, WA
Tiki Joe's Wet Bar
Two Twelve on Central, Kirkland, WA
Yuppie Tavern, Kirkland, WA

1890s Lounge, La Conner, WA
La Conner Pub, La Conner, WA

The Log Cabin, Lacey, WA

Lake Forest Park Bar and Grill, Lake Forest Park, WA

Buzz Inn Steakhouse, Lake Stevens, WA

O'Callahans Pub & Grill, Lakebay, WA
Huckleberry Inn Lounge, Lakebay, WA

Barbecue Inn, Lakewood, WA
Bullseye Bar, Black Angus Steakhouse, Lakewood, WA

Ducks and Drakes, Leavenworth, WA
Icicle Brewing Company, Leavenworth, WA
Munchen Haus, Leavenworth, WA
Post Office Saloon, Leavenworth, WA
South, Leavenworth, WA
Tumwater Restaurant and Lounge, Leavenworth, WA

Littlerock Tavern, Littlerock, WA

Castaways, Long Beach, WA
Columbia Bar (Lightship Restaurant), Long Beach, WA
Gear Shed Lounge, Long Beach, WA
Grey Parrot Brewpub, Long Beach, WA
Long Beach Tavern, Long Beach, WA
Lost Roo, The, Long Beach, WA
Nick's West Bar and Grill, Longbeach, WA
Pioneer Tavern, Long Beach, WA

Loon Lake Saloon and Grill, Loon Lake, WA

Lyman Tavern, Lyman, WA

Chasers, Lynnwood, WA
The Inn Sports Bar, Lynnwood, WA
Just Left, Lynnwood, WA
Maddox Grill and Bar, Lynnwood, WA
Pub 44, Lynnwood, WA
Shots and Scores, Lynnwood, WA
Waldo's, Lynnwood, WA

Doc's Pilchuck Yacht Club Tavern, Machias, WA

Family Inn, Manchester, WA
Manchester Pub, Manchester, WA

Town Bar and Grill, Mansfield, WA

Kuhnle's Tavern, Darrington, WA
Red Sky Bar and Grill, Darrington, WA

Roanoke Inn, Mercer Island, WA
The Islander, Mercer Island, WA

5th Avenue Bar & Grill, Metaline Falls, WA

Headquarters Tavern, Mineral, WA

Eddie's Trackside, Monroe, WA

Charlie's Sports Bar, Montesano, WA
Gepetto's, Montesano, WA
Honeycomb Room (Bee Hive Restaurant), Montesano, WA

Town Pump, Mount Vernon, WA

Cinebarre, Mountlake Terrace
The Getaway, Mountlake Terrace, WA
Macau Grill (Red Dragon Casino), Mountlake Terrace, WA
Mazatlan Mexican, Mountlake Terrace
Ringer's Pub, Mountlake Terrace, WA

Amici Bistro, Mukilteo, WA
Diamond Knot Ale House, Mukilteo, WA
Mukilteo Lodge Sports Grill, Mukilteo, WA

Van's 1885 Bar and Grill, Naches, WA
Wood Shed Restaurant and Lounge, Naches, WA

Frosty's Tavern, Napavine, WA

Calcutta Grill, Newcastle, WA
The Wooly Toad, Newcastle, WA

Kuk's Tavern, Northport, WA
Whitebird Tavern, Northport, WA

Jo Jo's Harbor Light Tavern, Oak Harbor, WA
Oak Harbor Tavern, Oak Harbor, WA
Oak Harbor Cafe Bar, Oak Harbor, WA

Doc's Tavern, Ocean Park, WA
Luigi's Italian Grille, Ocean Park, WA

Pirates Cove Pub, Ocean Shores, WA
Porthole Pub, Ocean Shores, WA
Red Genie Pizza, Ocean Shores, WA

4th Ave. Ale House, Olympia, WA
The Brotherhood Lounge, Olympia, WA
China Clipper, Olympia, WA
Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA
Eastside Club, The, Olympia, WA
Fish Tail Brew Pub, Olympia, WA
Jake's on 4th, Olympia, WA
Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA
McCoy's Tavern, Olympia, WA
Spar Cafe, Olympia, WA
Urban Onion, Olympia, QA

The Shorthorn Tavern, Omak, WA

The All In, Onalaska, WA

Aloha Tavern, Pacific Beach, WA

Madrid's Place (AKA Shamrock II), Pasco, WA

Pe Ell Pub, Pe Ell, WA

Pla-Mor Bar and Grill, Maple Valley, WA

Bar N9ne, Port Angeles, WA
Next Door Bistro, Port Angeles, WA

Bethel Saloon, Port Orchard, WA
Blue Goose Tavern, Port Orchard, WA
Golden Grill, Port Orchard, WA
Hi Tide Tavern, Port Orchard, WA
Moondogs Too, Port Orchard, WA

Envy Bar and Grill, Poulsbo, WA
Hare and Hounds, Poulsbo, WA
Sheila's Port Side Pub, Poulsbo, WA

Bern's Tavern, Prosser, Wa
Horse Heaven Hills Brewery, Prosser, WA
Whitstran Brewing Co., Prosser, WA

Top Notch Tavern, Raymond, WA
Tombstone Wiley's, Raymond, WA

Celtic Bayou, Redmond, WA
Jerzy's Wine Bar & Bistro, Redmond, WA
Matador, Redmond, WA
Palmers East, Redmond, WA
Raven's Nest (Black Raven Brewing), Redmond, WA
Redmond's Bar and Grill, Redmond, WA
Three Lions Pub, Redmond, WA

A Terrible Beauty, Renton WA
Daman's, Redmond, WA
The Detour, Renton, WA
Marianna, Renton, WA
Melrose Grill, Renton, WA
Rubbatino's, Renton WA
Spot Sports Grill, Renton, WA
Uncle Mo's Snappy Inn, Renton, WA
Vince's Italian Restaurant, Renton, WA

Sportsmen Roost, Republic, WA

The Cabin, Richmond Beach, WA

Rockport Pub, Rockport, WA

The Brick, Roslyn, WA
Marko's Place, Roslyn, WA
The Pastime, Roslyn, WA

The Goldfish Tavern, Ruston, WA

The Brown Shack, Salkum, WA

Pine Lake Ale House, WA

Sharp's Roaster, Seatac, WA
Sunnydale Tavern, Seatac, WA

Lamplighter, Seaview, WA
Shelburne Inn Pub, Seaview, WA

The Castle, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Mestizo, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Old Timers, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Overflow Tavern, Sedro-Woolley, WA

Bob's Tavern, Shelton, WA
Ernie's Fir Cone, Shelton, WA
Golden Pheasant Tavern, Shelton, WA
Log Cabin Bar and Grill, Shelton, WA
Starlight Lounge, Little Creek Casino, Shelton, WA

Club Hollywood, Shoreline, WA
Drift On Inn, Shoreline, WA
Jersey's, Shoreline, WA
Mr. Z's Lounge (Zaika), Shoreline, WA
North City Tavern, Shoreline, WA
Richmond Beach Grill House, Shoreline, WA
Ricky's Bar & Grill, Shoreline, WA
Shays, Shoreline, WA
Viking Sports Bar, Shoreline, WA
Woody's, Shoreline, WA

Old Town Tavern/Pub, Silverdale, WA
Our Place, Silverdale, WA

Oasis Tavern, Skamokawa, WA

The Whistling Post, Skykomish, WA

Afriq, Skyway, WA
Beachcomber, The, Skyway, WA
Roman Casino, Skyway. WA
Skyway Park Bowl and Casino, Skyway, WA
Skyway Sports Bar, Skyway, WA

907 Lounge, Snohomish, WA
Cat House Pizza, Snohomish, WA
Fred's Rivertown Alehouse, Snohomish, WA
Old Inn Tavern, Snohomish, WA
Oxford Tavern, Snohomish, WA
Piccadilly Circus, Snohomish, WA
The Repp, Snohomish, WA
Sports Page Grill and Bar (Snohomish Spirits and Sports), Snohomish, WA
Stewart's Place, Snohomish, WA

Club Sno (Snoqualmie Casino Lounge), Snoqualmie, WA
Lit Cigar Lounge, Snoqualmie, WA

Don's Restaurant, Soap Lake, WA

Chester Club & Oyster Bar, South Bend, WA

The Wagon Wheel, South Prairie, WA

Leatherheads Pub, Stanwood, WA
Stanwood Hotel and Saloon, Stanwood, WA
Viking Restaurant (Fjord Room), Stanwood, WA

Topside Bar and Grill, Steilacoom, WA

Bubba's Road House, Sultan, WA
Loggers Inn, Sultan, WA
SkyRiver Pub and Eatery, Sultan, WA

Dockside Grill, Suquamish, WA

1022 South (The Hidden Apothecary), Tacoma, WA
Acme Grub Cage Tavern, Tacoma, WA
Adriatic Grill, Tacoma, WA
Airport Bar and Grill, Tacoma, WA
The Beach Tavern, Tacoma, WA
Cassidy's Pub and Outdoor Mini-Golf, Tacoma, WA
Cloverleaf Tavern, Tacoma, WA
Dawson's Bar and Grill, Tacoma, WA
Golden West, Tacoma, WA
Hans's Place, Tacoma, WA
Harbor Lights, Tacoma, WA
Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma, WA
The Hob-Nob, Tacoma, WA
Indochine Asian Dining Lounge, Tacoma, WA
Java Jive, Tacoma, WA
Katie Downs, Tacoma, WA
Lady Luck's Cowgirl Up, Tacoma, WA
Lucky Silver Tavern, Tacoma, WA
Maxwell's Speakeasy and Lounge, Tacoma, WA
Murano Hotel Lobby Bar, Tacoma, WA
Olympic Club, Centralia, WA
Opal, Tacoma, WA
Park Way Tavern, Tacoma, WA
Peterson Bros. 1111, Tacoma, WA
The Pup Room (Poodle Dog Restaurant), Tacoma, WA
The Red Hot, Tacoma, WA
Sir C's Tavern, Tacoma, WA
The Spar, Tacoma, WA
Starlite (Starlight) Bar and Grill, Tacoma, WA
Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar, Tacoma, WA
The Swiss, Tacoma WA
Tacoma Cabana, Tacoma, WA
U Betcha, Tacoma, WA
Unicorn Room (Pegasus Restaurant), Tacoma, WA
Valley Pub (Red's Valley Pub), Tacoma, WA

Outback Steakhouse, Tukwila, WA
Ulysses Restaurant and Lounge, Tukwila, WA

Antlers Saloon, Twisp, WA
Twisp River Pub, Twisp, WA

Old Town Pump, Union Gap, WA

Ice House, Vancouver, WA
Quay Restaurant and Bar, Vancouver, WA
Three Monkeys Pub, Vancouver, WA

Fat Cat's, Walla Walla, WA

The Igloo, Wenatchee, WA
Joe's Log Cabin, Wenatchee, WA
Wally's Tavern, Wenatchee, WA
The Windmill, Wenatchee, WA

Half Moon Bay Bar and Grill, Westport, WA
The Knotty Pine, Westport, WA

Company, White Center, WA
Crawfish House, White Center, WA
DK's Cafe, White Center, WA
The Locker Room, White Center, WA
Marv's Broiler, White Center, WA
McMurphy's, White Center, WA
Papa's Pub and Grill, White Center, WA

Constantine's Alibi Pub and Eatery, Wilbur, WA

Pick'n'Shovel, Wilkeson, WA
Wilkeson Saloon, Wilkeson, WA

The Club, Winlock, WA
Frank's Hide Away, Winlock, WA

Carlos 1800, Winthrop, WA
Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Winthrop, WA
Three Fingered Jack's Saloon, Winthrop, WA

Barking Frog, Woodinville, WA
Big Daddy's Place, Woodinville, WA
The Collective on Tap, Woodinville, WA
Hollywood Tavern, Woodinville, WA
Horseshoe Saloon, Woodinville, WA
McCorry's on the Slough, Woodinville, WA
Triplehorn Brewery, Woodinville, WA

Merwin Tap, Woodland, WA

Red Fir Inn, Yacolt, WA

Max's Bar and Grill, Yakima, WA

Stonehenge Tavern, Zillah, Wa


820 Lounge (Mint), Portland
Alibi, Portland
Amazon, Portland (Old Town)
Ash St. Saloon, Portland, OR
B-Side Tavern, Portland
BOG (Bar Of the Gods),Portland, OR
Bar Bar, Portland
Barley Mill Pub, Portland, OR
Basement Pub, Portland, OR
Belmont's Inn, Portland, OR
Berbati's Pan, Portland
Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive, Portland
The Bitter End, Portland
Blitz Ladd, Portland
Bo Asian Bistro, Portland
Boiler Room, Portland (Old Town)
Bossanova Social Club, Portland,OR
Buffalo Wild Wings, Portland, OR
Bulldog Tavern, Portland
Capt. Ankeny's Well, Portland
Cellar Bar, Ringler's Annex, Portland
b Champion Sports Bar, Portland
Chapel Pub, Portland
The Cheerful Tortoise, Portland
Chesterfield, Portland
Clyde Common, Portland
Commodore, Portland
Crow Bar, Portland
Crush, Portland
Crystal Ballroom, The, Portland,OR
Dancing Bare, Portland
Dantes, Portland,OR
Devil's Point, Portland,OR
Dirty, Portland
Dixie Tavern, Portland (Old Town)
Dockside Saloon, Portland, OR
Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
Driftwood Room, Portland
East End, Portland
EastBurn, Portland
Ella St. Social Club, Portland
Fez Ballroom, Portland
The Florida Room, Portland, OR
Funhouse Lounge, Portland, OR
Galaxy, Portland,OR
Gilt Club, The, Portland
Gotham Tavern, Portland
H20, Portland
Hanigan's ("The Vern"), Portland
Hawthorne Hideaway, Portland
Huber's, Portland
Imbibe, Portland
Jake's Famous Crawfish, Portland
Jantzen Beach Bar and Grill, Portland
Jasmine Tree, Portland,OR
Jax, Portland
Jolly Roger, Portland
Kelly's Olympian, Portland
Kenton Club, Portland
Kenton Station, Portland
Kingston Sports Bar and Grill, Portland
Legends Bar (Rock n Roll Pizza), Portland
Lotus, The, Portland
The Lovecraft, Portland
Marathon Taverna, Portland
The Matador, Portland
Miss Delta, Portland
Mock Crest Tavern, Portland
The Modern Man, Portland
Mother's Bistro, Portland
Mt Tabor Theater & Pub, Portland
Mulligans Bar & Grill, Portland
MVP Sports Bar and Grill, Portland
Nite Hawk Lounge, Portland
The Original, Portland
Outlaws, Portland
Pagoda, Portland
Pal's Shanty, Portland,OR
Pala Lounge, Portland (Old Town)
Palm Court, Benson Hotel, Portland
Pause, Portland
Pirates Cove, Portland,OR
Plan B, Portland
Portland City Grill, Portland
Reel M Inn, Portland, OR
Rocco's Bar
Rock Bottom Brewery, Portland
Rontoms, Portland
Sapphire Hotel, Portland
Satyricon, Portland,OR
Saucebox, Portland
Schmizza Pub and Grub, Portland
Sewickly Addition, Portland
Shanghai Tunnels, Portland,OR
Side St., Portland,OR
Sidecar 11, Portland
Someday Lounge, Portland
Space Room, The, Portland,OR
The Tardis Room (The Fish and Chips Shop), Portland, OR
Tavern on Denver, Portland
Teardrop Lounge, Portland OR
Tennessee Red's, Portland
Thatch, Portland
Tonic Lounge, Portland
Tony Starlight's, Portland
Tony's Tavern (Burnside), Portland
Trader Vic's, Portland
Tugboat Brewing Co., Portland
The Twilight Room, Portland
UCHU, Portland
Union Jacks, Portland
Veritable Quandary, Portland OR
Vertigo Pub, Portland
Victory (Portland)
Voleur, Portland
Voodoo Lounge, Portland,OR
Watertrough Saloon, The, Portland,OR
White Eagle Saloon, Portland
Widmer Gasthaus Pub, Portland, OR
The Woodsman Tavern, Portland, OR
Zach's Shack, Portland
w xyz, Portland, OR

Oregon (other cities)

Big Red's Western Cafe, Beaverton, OR
Broadway Saloon, Beaverton, OR
Bud Jackson's Sportsman's Bar and Grill, La Grande, OR
Charlie's Chowder House Tiki Lounge, Astoria, OR
Conestoga, Clatskanie, OR
Crabby's Underground Saloon, Pendleton, OR
Daily Double Lounge, Lake Oswego, OR
Echo Inn, Carver, OR
Goble Tavern, Goble, OR
High Climber Room (Logger Restaurant), Astoria, OR
The Hot Seat, Tualatin, OR
Hamley Steakhouse, Pendleton, OR
The Hut Bar and Grill, Pendleton, OR
The Main Event, Baker City, OR
The Packard, Pendleton, OR
Players, Wildhorse Gaming Resort, Pendleton OR
Rainbow Cafe, Pendleton, OR
Rock Garden Tavern, Oregon City, OR
Saddle, Pendleton, OR
The Safari Club, Estacada, OR
The Timber Room, Trails Inn Cafe, Estacada, OR
Virgil's at Cimmiyotti's, Pendleton, OR
Wig Wam Tavern, Scappoose, OR

San Francisco

21 Club, San Francisco, CA
Abbey Tavern, San Francisco, CA
The Alembic, San Francisco, CA
Annabelle's Bar and Bistro, San Francisco, CA
Aub Zam Zam, San Francisco, CA
Aunt Charlie's, San Francisco, CA
Balboa Cafe, San Francisco
Bamboo Hut, San Francisco, CA
Bayside Sports Grill, San Francisco, CA
Big Heart City (Death Guild), San Francisco,CA
Blue Light, San Francisco
Bus Stop, San Francisco
Cassidy's, San Francisco
Cat Club, San Franciso,CA
Cha Cha Cha, San Francisco (Mission St.)
Club Hide (The Foundery), San Francisco
Comet Club, San Francisco
Comstock Saloon, San Francisco, CA
DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Farmerbrown, San Francisco, CA
Fish Bowl, San Francisco
Fizzee's, San Francisco, CA
The Gold Cane, San Francisco, CA
Gold Dust Lounge, San Francisco
Grove, San Francisco
Happy Lounge, San Francisco, CA
The Hearth, San Francisco, CA
High Tide, San Francisco, CA
Hukilau, San Francisco
Ireland's 32, San Francisco, CA
Jamber, San Francisco, CA
John Foley's Irish House, San Francisco, CA
John's Grill, San Francisco, CA
Jonell's, San Francisco, CA
Kells, San Francisco
Lefty O'Doul's, San Francisco
Luna Lounge, San Francisco, CA
The Mad Dog in the Fog, San Francisco, CA
Marina Lounge, San Francisco
Martin Mack's, San Francisco, CA
McKenzie's Bar, San Francisco, CA
Milk Bar, San Francisco, CA
Murio's, San Francisco, CA
Nags Head, San Francisco, CA
Old Ship Saloon, San Francisco, CA
The Pied Piper, San Francisco, CA
Pow, San Francisco, CA
The Redwood Room, San Francisco, CA
Rye, San Francisco, CA
The Saloon, San Francisco, CA
Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco, CA
Scala's, San Francisco
Sears Fine Food, San Francisco, CA
Specs, San Francisco, CA
Stud, San Francisco
Summer Place, San Francisco, CA
Swig, San Francisco, CA
Tempest, San Francisco, CA
Ten 15, San Francisco, CA
Thirsty Bear Brewing, San Francisco, CA
Tommy's Joynt, San Francisco, CA
Tommy's Mexican, San Francisco, CA
Tonga Room, San Francisco
Tony Nik's, San Francisco, CA
Toronado, San Francisco, CA
Trad'r Sam, San Francisco, CA
Trax, San Francisco, CA
Twin Peaks Tavern, San Francisco
Una, San Francisco, CA
Union Square Sports Bar, San Francisco, CA
Wexler's, San Francisco, CA
Would You Believe?, San Francisco, CA
Zero Zero, San Francisco, CA

New Orleans

Apple Barrel, New Orleans (Faubourg)
Arnaud's remoulade, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Aunt Tiki's Jewel Bar, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Blues Club, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Boondock Saint, New Orleans
Bourbon Cowboy, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Bourbon Street Blues Co., New Orleans (French Quarter)
Cafe Beignet, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Cafe Maspero, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Cat's Meow, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Check Point Charlies, New Orleans (Faubourg Marigny)
Double Play, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Dungeon, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Erin Rose, New Orleans (FQ)
Famous Door, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Fat Catz, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Jazz Emporium, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Johnny White's Hole in the Wall, New Orleans (French Quarter)
La Bayou, New Orleans (French Quarter)
LeRoundup, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Maison Bourbon, New Orleans (FQ)
Mango Mango Daiquiris, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Molly's at the Market, New Orleans (FQ)
Old Absinthe House, New Orleans
Old Opera House, New Orleans (French Quarter)
One-Eyed Jacks, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans
Pravda, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Preservation Hall, New Orleans
Ray's Boom Boom Room, New Orleans (Faubourg Marigny)
Razzoo, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Snug Harbor, New Orleans (Faubourg)
Spotted Cat, New Orleans (Faubourg)
Tropical Isle, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Utopia, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Whirling Dervish, New Orleans (French Quarter)
Yo Mama's Bar & Grill, New Orleans


Antones, Austin TX
Blind Pig Pub, Austin TX (6th St.)
Chuggin Monkey, Austin TX (6th St.)
Club de Ville, Austin TX (Red River)
Continental Club, Austin TX
Imperia, Austin TX
Jackelope, Austin TX (6th St.)
Light Bar, Austin TX
Lovejoy's, Austin TX (6th St.)
Maggie May's, Austin TX (6th St.)
Nunos, Austin TX (6th St.)
Pure Austin TX (6th St.)
Red Eyed Fly, Austin TX (Red River)
Red Fez, Austin TX
Shakespeare's Pub, Austin TX (6th St.)
Six, Austin TX
Thirsty Nickel, Austin TX (6th St.)
Vespaio, Austin TX (SoCo)

Washington DC

Angry Inch, The, Washington,DC
Asylum, Washington,DC
Biddy Mulligans, Washington,DC
Big Hunt, The, Washington,DC
Chaos, Washington,DC
Childe Harold, The, Washington,DC
Cloud, Washington,DC
Club Heaven and Hell, Washington,DC
Columbia Station, Washington,DC
Edge, The (Chiaroscuro), Washington,DC
Gazuza Lounge, Washington,DC
Harry's Pub, Washington,DC
Pharmacy Bar, The, Washington,DC
Reef, The, Washington,DC
Sign of the Whale, Washington,DC
Tavern, The, Washington,DC
Tom Tom, Washington,DC


6, Scottsdale, AZ
Acua, Scottsdale, AZ
American Junkie, Scottsdale, AZ
Anderson's Fifth Estate (Area 51) (Now Club Forbidden), Scottsdale, AZ
Axis/Radius, Scottsdale, AZ
Barney's Boathouse, Scottsdale, AZ
Billet Bar, Scottsdale, AZ
Bistro Bravo, Scottsdale, AZ
Bungalow, Scottsdale, AZ
Cafe ZuZu (Hotel Valleyho), Scottsdale, AZ
Cajun Room, Scottsdale, AZ
Cantina Due (Hyatt), Scottsdale, AZ
Carlsbad Tavern, Scottsdale, AZ
Casablanca Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ
Cat Eye Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ
Cave Creek Tap Haus, Cave Creek, AZ,
Cocomo Joe's, Cave Creek, AZ
Coach House, Scottsdale, AZ
Cowboy Ciao, Scottsdale, AZ
Crown Room, Scottsdale, AZ
Culinary Dropout, Scottsdale, AZ
DJs, Scottsdale,AZ
Devil's Martini, Scottsdale, AZ
Dirty Dogg Saloon, Scottsdale, AZ
Dirty Drummer, Scottsdale, AZ
Dos Gringos, Scottsdale, AZ
Drift, The, Scottsdale, AZ
El Encanto, Cave Creek, AZ
El Hefe, Scottsdale, AZ
En Fuego, Scottsdale, AZ
Estate House, Scottsdale, AZ
Firehouse, Scottsdale, AZ
Flicka's Baja Cantina, Scottsdale, AZ
Geisha-a-go-go, Scottsdale, AZ
Giligan's, Scottsdale,AZ
Grapevine, The, Scottsdale, AZ
Grazie, Scottsdale, AZ
Greasewood Flat, Scottsdale, AZ
The Herb Box, Scottsdale, AZ
Hideaway Grill, Cave Creek, AZ
Howl at the Moon, Scottsdale, AZ
Italian Grotto, Scottsdale, AZ
Jade Bar (Sanctuary resort), Scottsdale, AZ
Loco Patron, Scottsdale, AZ
Lodge, The, Scottsdale, AZ
Mabel's on Main, Scottsdale, AZ
Maloneys, Scottsdale,AZ
Martini Ranch, Scottsdale,AZ
Mason Jar (The Killing Jar), Scottsdale,AZ
Oasis Hookah Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ>
Old Town Tavern, Scottsdale, AZ
Olive and Ivy, Scottsdale, AZ
Patties First Avenue Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ
Pussycat Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ
Red Bar (Mondrian Hotel), Scottsdale, AZ
Rockbar, Scottsdale, AZ
Rusty Spur, Scottsdale, AZ
Saddle Ranch Chop House, Scottsdale, AZ
Sanctuary, Scottsdale, AZ
Shade Lounge (W Hotel), Scottsdale, AZ
Shotgun Betty's, Scottsdale, AZ
Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club, Scottsdale, AZ
Stingray Sushi, Scottsdale, AZ
Stone Rose Lounge, Fairmont Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
Sugar Daddy's, Scottsdale, AZ
Taggia (Firesky Resort), Scottsdale, AZ
Trader Vics, Scottsdale, AZ
Tumbleweeds, Scottsdale, AZ
Urban 7 Martini Kitchen, Scottsdale, AZ
Village Tavern, Scottsdale, AZ

Bikini Lounge, Phoenix, AZ
Dizzy's, Phoenix, AZ
Do Drop Inn, Phoenix, AZ
Electric Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ
Hula's Modern Tiki, Phoenix, AZ
Pointe In Tyme, Phoenix, AZ

Balboa Cafe, Tempe, AZ
Cadillac Ranch, Tempe, AZ
Harry's Place (Mission Hills), Tempe, AZ
Joe's Crab Shack, Tempe, AZ
Library, Tempe, AZ
Mac's Broiler & Tap, Tempe, AZ
Monkey Pants, Tempe, AZ
San Felipe's Cantina, Tempe, AZ
The Woodshed, Tempe, AZ

Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse, Cave Creek, AZ
Cave Creek Tap Haus, Cave Creek, AZ
El Encanto, Cave Creek, AZ
Harold's Corral, Cave Creek, AZ
Hideaway Grill, Cave Creek, AZ
Horny Toad, The, Cave Creek, AZ

Hoot and Howl, Goodyear, AZ

The Bashful Bandit, Tucson, AZ
Buffet Bar, The, Tucson, AZ
Club Congress, Tucson, AZ
Delectables, Tucson, AZ
The Hut, Tucson, AZ
IBT's, Tucson, AZ
Kon Tiki, Tucson, AZ
Meet Rack, Tucson,AZ
Mr. Head's, Tucson, AZ
Old Pueblo Grill, Tucson, AZ
Plush, Tucson,AZ
Red Garter Saloon, Tucson, AZ
Shanty, The, Tucson, AZ - 3/ Shelter Cocktail Lounge, Tucson, AZ
Sky Bar, Tucson, AZ
Surly Wench, Tucson, AZ
Wildcat House, Tucson,AZ


10th St. Station, Boise,ID
Andy's Pub, Boise,ID
Angell's Bar and Grill, Boise,ID
The Balcony Club, Boise
Barbacoa, BOise
Bardenay, Boise
Ben's Crow Inn, Boise
Bittercreek Alehouse, Boise
Blues Bouquet, Boise, ID
The Cactus, Boise, ID
Casey's Beer Depot, Boise, ID
China Blue, Boise, ID
Corner Pocket, Boise, ID
Crescent, The, Boise, ID
Dirty Little Roddy's, Boise, ID
The Dutch Goose, Boise, ID
Ha Penny Bridge, Boise, ID
Hannah's, Boise, ID
Jim's Alibi, Boise, ID
Little Dutch Garden, Boise, ID
Liquid Loune, Boise, ID
Louie's, Boise, ID
Lucky 13 Pizza, Boise, ID
Mack & Charlies, Boise, ID
Main Street Bitro, Boise, ID
Mardi Gras, Boise, ID
Mr. Q's, Boise, ID
Neurolux, Boise, ID
Pair, Boise, ID
Pengilly's Saloon, Boise, ID
Piper Pub and Grill, Boise, ID
Quinn's, Boise, ID
Ram, The, Boise, ID
Reef, The, Boise, ID
Shorty's Country Western Saloon, Boise, ID
Silly Birch, Boise, ID
Solid Grill and Bar, Boise, ID
StoneHouse, Boise, ID
Suds Tavern, Boise, ID
Symposium, Boise, ID
Tom Grainey's, Boise, ID
Top of the Hoff, Boise, ID
Torch 2, Boise, ID
Underground, The, Boise, ID
Valentinos, Boise, ID
Vista Lounge, Boise, ID
Whalers' Galley, Boise, ID
Whiskey River Saloon, Boise, ID

Vern's Tavern, Caldwell, ID
Victor's Hogs'n Horns, Caldwell, ID

Valley Club, Cascade, ID

Donnelly Club, Donnelly, ID
Double Eagle Saloon, Donnelly, ID

Joe's Crab Shack, Garden City, ID>
Moe's Place, Garden City, ID
The Ranch Club, Garden City, ID
Sandbar Patio Bar and Grill, Garden City, ID
The Stagecoach Inn, Garden City, ID

Brodock's (Oscar's Restaurant), Grangeville, ID
The Establishment, Grangeville, ID

Corner Cafe Bar and Grill, Horseshoe Bend, ID
Long Branch Saloon, Horseshoe Bend, ID

Bojack's, Lewiston, ID

Beside the Mill, McCall, ID
Foresters, McCall, ID
Lake Grill at Shore Lodge, McCall, ID
Lardo's, McCall, ID
McCall Brewing Company, McCall, ID
Notch 8 Taphouse and Grill, McCall, ID
Paradise Burgers, McCall, ID
Salmon River Brewery, McCall, ID
Si Bueno Southside Grill and Cantina, McCall, ID
Yacht Club Lounge, McCall, ID

1918 Lounge, Nampa, ID
Monkey Bizness, Nampa, ID
Pete's Tavern, Nampa, ID
Tiny's Lounge, Nampa, ID

The Kahili Club, New Meadows, ID

Summerville's Cafe and Bar, Riggins, ID

The Silver Dollar, White Bird, ID

Other Locations

The Pub, Albany, CA
Trader Vic's, Emeryville, CA
The Avenue, Oakland, CA
Angels and Kings, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Bar Sinister, Los Angeles (West Hollywood)
Cuba Libre, Los Angeles (Griffith Park/Los Feliz)
Club Monte Cristo, Los Angeles (Koreatown)
Coach And Horses, Ye, Los Angeles (West Hollywood)
Dragon Fly, Los Angeles
The Dresden Room
El Compadre, Los Angeles (West Hollywood)
Five O Four, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Frankies New York (AKA "Frankies On Melrose"), Los Angeles (Melrose)
Kubar Mediterranean Cafe and Hookah Bar, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
L'Scorpion, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Power House, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Te'Kila, Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Trader Vics, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)
Ruby, (Perversion), Los Angeles
Village Idiot, The, Los Angeles (Melrose)
Woods, The, Los Angeles
The Avenue, Oakland, CA
Heinold's First and Last Chance, Oakland, CA
710 Beach Club, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Aero Club, San Diego
Bali Hai, San Diego, CA
Barra Barra Saloon, San Diego (Old Town)
Bitter End, San Diego, CA
Gas Lamp Tavern, San Diego
Hennessey's Tavern, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Joe's Crab Shack, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Fred's Mexican Cafe, San Diego (Old Town)
Gringos, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Islands Sushi and Pupu Bar, The, Crowne Plaza San Diego (Hotel Circle)
Lahaina Beach House, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Liars Club, San Diego
Moon Doggies, San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina, San Diego (Old Town)
Old Town Saloon, San Diego (Old Town)
Pacific Beach Shore Club, San Diego
Wave House, San Diego
Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room Lounge, La Mesa, CA
Lowells Seafood and Spirits, Burlingame, CA

Church, The, Denver,CO
Club Onyx, Denver,CO

Bahia Cabana, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Elbow Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Lulu's Bait Shack, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mai Kai, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sloppy Joes, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Wreck, Ft. Lauderdale
Mango's/Vodou Room, Miami,FL
Oceans 10, Miami,FL
Wet Willies, Miami,FL

Shorebird, The, Waikiki,HI
Irish Rose, Waikiki,HI
Waikiki Broiler, Waikiki,HI

Shula's, Chicago,IL
Spy Bar, Chicago, IL

Cask and Flagon, Boston, MA
Chicago Bar and Grill, Boston, MA
Daisy Buchanans, Boston,MA
Eastern Standard, Boston,MA
Freeport Tavern, Boston,MA
Pushcart Café, Boston,MA
Sevens, Boston,MA
Tiernans, Boston, MA
Tiki Room, Boston, MA

PJ Cricketts, Baltimore ,MD

Music Menu, Detroit,MI
Shelaileah's, Detroit,MI

Air Bar, (Stratosphere) Las Vegas, NV
Aria Pool Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Bar Moderno (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV
BOND (Cosmopolitan), Las Vegas, NV
Book & Stage (Cosmopolitan), Las Vegas, NV
BJ's Cocktail Lounge East, Las Vegas, NV
Cabo Wabo, Las Vegas, NV
Carlos & Charlie's (Flamingo), Las Vegas, NV
10/23 Carta Privada (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Cathouse, Las Vegas, NV
Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas, NV
City Bar (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Coyote Ugly, Las Vegas, NV
Crazy Horse III, Las Vegas, NV
Deuce Lounge (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina, Las Vegas, NV
Dino's Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas, NV
Downtown Cocktail Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Drai's After Hours, Las Vegas, NV
The Drink(Plaza), Las Vegas, NV
Fatburger Bar (Fat Bar), Las Vegas, NV
FIX Restaurant & Bar (Bellagio), Las Vegas, NV
Flight Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Frankie's Tiki Room, Las Vegas, NV
Free Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Gold Boutique Nightclub & Lounge (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Gipsy, Las Vegas, NV
The Griffin, Las Vegas, NV
Harley-Davidson Cafe, Las Vegas, NV
HAZE Nightclub (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, NV
Herbs and Rye, Las Vegas, NV
House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
Ignite Lounge (Monte Carlo), Las Vegas, NV
Javier's Authentic Foods De Mexico (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Jean Georges Steakhouse (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Joint, The (Hard Rock), Las Vegas, NV
Kokomo's Steak and Seafood, Las Vegas, NV
Level 107 Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Lily (Bellagio), Las Vegas, NV
Liquidity, Las Vegas, NV
Marquee Nightclub (Cosmopolitan), Las Vegas, NV
Mastro's Ocean Club, Las Vegas, NV
Mermaid's Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Mickie Finnz Fish House & Bar, Las Vegas, NV
Minus 5, Las Vegas, NV
miX, Las Vegas, NV
Octane, Las Vegas, NV
Office Bar, Las Vegas, NV
Old Homestead Steakhouse (Caesar's Palace), Las Vegas, NV
PBR Rock Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, NV
Piranha, Las Vegas, NV
Ra, Las Vegas,NV
Rainforest Cafe, Las Vegas, NV
Rockin Taco, Las Vegas, NV
ROK, Las Vegas, NV
Rouge (MGM), Las Vegas, NV
Sage (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Seahorse Lounge (Caesar's Palace), Las Vegas, NV
Shifty's Cocktail Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Sirio (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Skybox Sports Bar & Grill (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Studio 54, Las Vegas, NV
Sully's Bar, Las Vegas, NV
Tacos and Tequila, Las Vegas, NV
Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak (MGM), Las Vegas, NV
Todd English P.U.B., Las Vegas, NV
Vanguard Lounge, Las Vegas, NV
Vesper Bar, Las Vegas, NV
View Bar (Aria), Las Vegas, NV
Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Bar (Bellagio), Las Vegas, NV

Church Brewpub, The, Pittsburgh, PA
Club Laga (Ceremony), Pittsburgh,PA
M, Pittsburgh,PA
Metropolis, Pittsburgh,PA
Rosebud, Pittsburgh,PA

Caravan of Dreams, Dallas, TX

Rumors, Milwaukee,WI

Baselines Pub, Langley, WA
Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON
Savage Garden, Toronto, ON
Smokeless Joes, Toronto, ON
Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON
Wayne Gretzky's, Toronto, ON
Bin941, Vancouver, BC
The Bottleneck, Vancouver, BC
Bulldog, Vancouver, BC
The Cascade Room, Vancouver, BC
Club 23 West, Vancouver, BC
El Caminos, Vancouver, BC
Elephant and Castle, Vancouver, BC
Funky Winker Beans, Vancouver, BC
Grand Union Hotel, Vancouver, BC
Greedy Pig, Vancouver, BC
The Lamplighter, Vancouver, BC
The Morrisey, Vancouver, BC
Moxie's Classic Grill on Davie, Vancouver, BC
Narrow Lounge, Vancouver, BC
The Portside Pub, Vancouver, BC
Pourhouse Restaurant, Vancouver, BC
Pulse, Vancouver, BC
Railway Club, Vancouver, BC
Red Room, Vancouver, BC 9/13/2009
The Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver, BC
Space Lounge, Vancouver, BC
Two Parrots Perch and Grill, Vancouver, BC
Bard and Banker, Victoria, BC
Big Bad John's, Victoria, BC
Garrick's Head Pub, Victoria, BC
The Guild Freehouse, Victoria, BC
Irish Times Pub, Victoria, BC
Nautical Nellie's, Victoria, BC

Cheves & Munchies, Nogales, Mexico
Fray Bar (Fray Marcos Hotel), Nogales, Mexico
Pancho Villa Bar, Nogales, Mexico

BNR Tropical Daquiris, Nassau,Bahamas
Goombay Lounge, Nassau,Bahamas
Johnny Canoe's Cafe, Nassau,Bahamas
Senor Frog's, Nassau,Bahamas

Gossips Club, London (Soho) - May 1990