Current Seattle Bars

106 Pine, Seattle (downtown)
13 Coins, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
1Hundred, Seattle (South Lake Union)
2 Fingers Social, Seattle (West Seattle)
2C Thai Bistro and Spirits, Seattle (Lake City)
206 Distillery, Seattle (Interbay)
2120, Seattle (Belltown)
36 Stone, Seattle (Fremont)
418 Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
50 North, Seattle (U District)
5th Avenue Tavern, Seattle
74th St. Ale House, Seattle
8oz Burger, Seattle (Ballard)
8oz Burger Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
9 Million In Unmarked Bills, Seattle
9 lb. Hammer, Seattle (Georgetown)
95 Slide, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
A-Pizza Mart, Seattle (U District)
A-Pizza Mart, Seattle (Downtown)
A-Pizza Mart, Seattle (Belltown)
Acquabar, Seattle (Belltown)
Add-A-Ball, Seattle (Fremont)
Admiral Bird, Seattle (West Seattle)
Admiral Pub, Seattle (West Seattle)
Agave Cocina and Tequilas, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Agrodolce, Seattle (Fremont)
Agua Verde, Seattle
Al's Tavern, Seattle
Alki Beach Pub, Seattle (West Seattle)
Alibi Room, Seattle (downtown)
Alki Huddle, Seattle (West Seattle)
Alibi Room Greenwood, Seattle (Greenwood)
All Water Seafood and Oyster Bar, Seattle (Downtown)
The Alley, Seattle (West Seattle)
Altstadt Bierhalle and Brathaus, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Altura, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ambassel, Seattle (Central District)
Amber, Seattle (Belltown)
Andaluca, Seattle (downtown)
Angelina's, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Angry Beaver, Seattle (Greenwood)
Anthony's (Portage Bay), Seattle
Arena Bar at Gameworks, Seattle
Art Marble 21, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Artusi, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Asadero Sinaloa, Seattle (Ballard)
Ascada Bistro, Seattle
Aston Manor, Seattle (SoDo)
Athenian Inn, Seattle
The Atlantic, Seattle (Central District)
Atlantic Crossing, Seattle
Atlas Kitchen and Lounge, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Attic Alehouse, Seattle
Aura, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Auto Battery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Azteca, Seattle (Northgate)
B's Po Boy, Seattle (West Seattle)
Ba Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ba Bar SLU, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The Back Door at Roxy's, Seattle (Fremont)
Back Door Pub, Seattle (Lake City)
Bad Alberts, Seattle (Ballard)
Bad Bishop, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Bad Jimmy's, Seattle (Fremont)
Bai Pai Thai, Seattle
The Bait Shop, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Baja Bistro, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Baja Tacos and Beer, Seattle (Greenwood)
Ballard Annex Oyster House, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Beer Company, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Station Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Grill and Alehouse (AKA the 4 B's, or Ballard's Best Brew and Burgers), Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Loft, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Smoke Shop, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballroom in Fremont, Seattle (Fremont)
The Balmar, Seattle
Baltic Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bambino's Pizzeria, Seattle (Belltown)
Ban Hua Sai, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Bang Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bar Cantinetta, Seattle (Madison Park)
Bar Charlie, Seattle (Wallingford)
Bar Cotto, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bar Del Corso, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Bar Ferd'nand, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bar Harbor Finestkind Provisions, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Bar House, Seattle (Fremont)
Bar Noroeste, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Bar Sue, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bar Vacilando, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Baranof, The, Seattle
Barca, Seattle
Barge Bar, Madison Park Conservatory
Barking Dog Ale House, Seattle
Barnacle, Seattle (Ballard)
Barolo Ristorante, Seattle (Downtown)
The Barrel Thief, Seattle (Fremont)
Barrio, Seattle
Bastille, Seattle (Ballard)
Bathtub Gin & Co., Seattle
The Beer Authority, Seattle (Lake City)
Beer Junction, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bellini, Seattle (Belltown)
Belltown Brewing, Seattle (Belltown)
Benihana, Seattle (downtown)
The Bergschrund, Seattle (Ballard)
Bernards, Seattle
Betty, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Beveridge Place, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bezt Lounge, Mr. D.'s Greek Restuarant and Lounge, AKA Philoxenia, Seattle (SoDo)
Bicks, Seattle
The Big Country, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Big Mario's Pizza and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Big Mario's Felard, Seattle (Frelard)
Big Time Brewery, Seattle
Bilbao, Seattle (U-District)
Bill's Off Broadway, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Billy Beach Sushi and Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Bimbo's Bitchin Seattle Kitchen (new), Seattle
Bing's Bar and Grill (Bing's Bodacious Burgers)
Bitter Raw, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bitterroot BBQ, Seattle (Ballard)
Bizarro, Seattle
Black Bottle, Seattle (Belltown)
Black Cat, Seattle (Belltown)
Blarney Stone, Seattle (Downtown)
Bleachers, Seattle (Ballard)
Bloom, Seattle (Ballard)
Blu Grouse, Seattle (SoDo)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Leschi)
Blue Glass, The, Seattle
Blue Moon (Est. 1934), Seattle
Blue Nile, Seattle (1st Hill)
Blueacre Seafood, Seattle (downtown)
Blush Lounge, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Bogey's, Seattle
Boka, Seattle (downtown)
Bol Test Kitchen and Bar, Seattle (North Seattle)
Bombay Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Book Bindery, Seattle
Bookstore Bar, Seattle
Boom Noodle, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Boom Noodle, Seattle (U Village)
Bottlehouse, Seattle (Madrona)
Bottleworks, Seattle
Boud's Pinehurst Pub, Seattle
The Bourbon Bar, Seattle (Columbia City)
Boxcar Alehouse, Seattle (Magnolia)
Box House, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Bramling Cross, Seattle (Ballard)
Branchwater, Seattle (Belltown)
Branzino, Seattle (Belltown)
Brasa, Seattle
Brasserie Margaux, Seattle (downtown)
Brave Horse Tavern, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Brella's Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The Bridge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Brimmer and Heeltap, Seattle (Ballard)
Broadview Tap House, Seattle (Broadview)
Brooklyn, The, Seattle (Downtown)
Brother Barrel, Seattle (Lake City)
Brouwer's Cafe, Seattle (Fremont)
Brunswick and Hunt, Seattle (Ballard)
Buckleys, Seattle (Belltown)
Buckleys, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Buenos Aires Grill, Seattle (Belltown)
Buffalo Wild Wings, Seattle (downtown)
The Burgundian, Seattle (Tangletown)
Bus Stop, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive Way)
Bush Garden, Seattle (International District)
C.C.Attles, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive)
Cactus, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cactus, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Cactus, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cafe 56
Cafe Campagne, Seattle (downtown)
Cafe Con Leche, Seattle (SoDo)
Cafe Flora, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cafe Lago, Seattle (Montlake)
Cafe Lena, Seattle (Belltown)
Cafe Mox, Seattle (Ballard)
Cafe Presse, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cafe Pettirosso, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Canlis, Seattle
Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Capital Grille, Seattle
Can Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Canterbury Ale & Eats, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cantina de San Patricio, Seattle (Downtown)
Cantinetta, Seattle
Capitol Cider, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Capitol Club, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Captain Black's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Carlile Room, Seattle (Downtown)
Carnivore, Seattle (Ballard)
Caroline Tavern, Seattle (Lake City)
Casa Patron, Seattle
Casablanca, Seattle (downtown)
Casco Antiguo, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Cask and Trotter, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Central Tavern (Est. 1892), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Century Ballroom, The, Seattle
Cha Cha(new), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chaat Lounge (in Chutney's Grille)
Cha:n, Seattle (Downtown)
Changes Tavern, Seattle
Chao Bistro, Seattle
Central Pizza, Seattle (Leschi)
Chandler's Crabhouse, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Charlies on Broadway, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chase Lounge, Seattle (Ballard)
Chavez, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chavez, Seattle (Downtown)
Chen's Village, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Chez Shea, Seattle
The Chieftain, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
China Dragon, Seattle
China Harbor, Seattle
Chuck's 85th St. Market, Seattle (Greenwood)
Chuck's Hop Shop, Seattle (Central District)
Circa, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cha:n, Seattle (Downtown)
Chico Madrid, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
China Gourmet, Seattle (north Seattle)
Chinapie, Seattle (Fremont)
Chinook's, Seattle (Magnolia)
Chop Suey, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chungee's Drink 'N Eat, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cicchetti, Seattle (Eastlake)
Citrus, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Claire's Pantry Lounge, Seattle (Lake City)
Clam Digger Lounge (Ivar's Acres of Clams), Seattle (downtown)
Clock-Out Lounge, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Cloudburst Brewing, Seattle (Downtown)
Club Kolbeh, Seattle (SoDo)
Coastal Kitchen, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Coba Viet Kitchen, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Cocina Oaxaca, Seattle (Greenlake)
College Inn Pub, Seattle (U District)
Collins Pub, Seattle (Downtown)
Columbia City Ale House, Seattle (Columbia City)
Columbia City Theater, Seattle (Columbia City)
Columbia Tower Club, Seattle (Downtown)
Comet Tavern, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Connect Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Conor Byrne, Seattle (Ballard)
Contour, Seattle (Downtown)
Cook Weaver, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Coopers, Seattle (Lake City)
Copine, Seattle (Ballard)
Copper Coin, Seattle (West Seattle)
Corner Pocket, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cornuto, Seattle (Greenwood)
Corvus and Co., Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Counter, The, Seattle (Ballard)
Counterbalance Brewing, Seattle (Georgetown)
Cowgirls Inc., Seattle
Cozy Nut Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar, Seattle (Ravenna)
Crescent, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Crocodile Cafe (new), Seattle
Crooked Nail, Seattle (Ballard)
Crow, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Crown Hill Broiler, Seattle (Ballard)
Cuff, The, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cuoco, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Cure, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cursed Oak, Seattle (Belltown)
Cutters Bayhouse, Seattle
Cyclops, Seattle (Belltown)
Dahlak Lounge, Seattle (Beacon Hill)Dahlia Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Daily Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Damn the Weather, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Dane, Seattle (Ballard)
Daniel's, Seattle (Lake Union)
Daniel's, Seattle (Leschi)
Dantes, Seattle (U District)
Dark Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Dead Line, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Deep Dive, Seattle (Downtown)
Delancey, Seattle (Ballard)
Delicatus, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Deluxe Bar and Grill, Seattle
Derby, Seattle (SoDo)
Diesel, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Die BierStube, Seattle
The Diller Room, Seattle (downtown)
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle (Belltown)
Dino's Tomato Pie, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Din Tai Fung, Seattle (U Village)
District, Seattle (U-District) - 6/25/07
Double J Saloon, Seattle (Lake City)
Dragon Fish, Seattle (downtown)
Dray, Seattle (Ballard)
Dubliner, Seattle (Fremont)
Duchess Tavern, Seattle
Duck Island Saloon, Seattle
Dukes (Lake Union), Seattle
Dukes Greenlake, Seattle
Dunbar Room (Sorrento Hotel), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
E. Smith Mercantile, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Eagle, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Earls on the Ave, Seattle (U-District)
Eastlake Bar and Grill
Eastlake Zoo, Seattle
Ebb Tide Room, Seattle
Echo Lake Tavern, Seattle
Eddie's Pan Asian, Seattle (North Seattle)
Eden Hill (Upper Queen Anne)
Egan's Ballard Jam House, Seattle (Ballard)
El Borracho Taqueria y Cantina, Seattle (downtown)
El Borracho, Seattle (Ballard)
El Chupacabra, Seattle (South Lake Union)
El Gaucho, Seattle
El Norte, Seattle (Lake City)
El Sirenito,, Seattle (Georgetown)
El Sombrero, Seattle (Columbia City)
Elemental Pizza, Seattle (U Village)
Elephant and Castle, Seattle
Elliot Bay Brewery, Seattle (West Seattle)
Elliot Bay Brewing, Seattle (Lake City)
Elliots, Seattle (downtown waterfront)
Elysian Brewing Co., Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elysian Fields, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Emerald City Beer Lab, Seattle
Emerald Grill, Seattle (Belltown)
Enza Cucina Siciliana, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Epic Ales Tasting Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Essex, Seattle (Ballard)
Eureka, Seattle (U Village)
EuroPub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
EVO Tapas Kitchen and Cabaret, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
FX McRorys, Seattle
Fado, Seattle
Faerie Queene, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Far Eats, Seattle (Belltown)
Fat Burger Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Feedback Lounge, Seattle
The Fenix, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Fiddler's Inn, Seattle
Feierabend, Seattle (Eastlake)
Fillmore, The, Seattle (Greenwood)
Finn MacCool's, Seattle>
The Fish Cake Factory, Seattle (Belltown)
Five Point, The, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Five Spot, Seattle (Belltown)
Flint Creek Cattle Co., Seattle (Greenwood)
Flip Flip Ding Ding, Seattle (Georgetown)
Floating Bridge Brewing, Seattle (U-District)
Flowers, Seattle
Flying Bike Cooperative, Seattle (Greenwood)
Flying Boots, Seattle (Ravenna)
Flying Fish, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Flying Lion Brewing, Seattle (Columbia City)
Fogon Cocina Mexicana, Seattle (Fremont)
Fonda la Catrina, Seattle (Georgetown)
Fonte Cafe and Wine Bar, Seattle (downtown)
Foreign National, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Forge Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Fort St. George, Seattle (ID)
Fortune Sports Bar, Seattle (ID)
Fountain Wine Bar, Seattle (downtown)
Fourno's, Seattle (U District)
Frank's Oyster House and Champagne Parlor, Seattle
FRED Wildlife Refuge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Fremont Brewing Company, Seattle (Fremont)
Fremont Dock, Seattle (Fremont)
Frolik (Red Lion), Seattle (Downtown)
Fu Kun Wu (Mai Thaiku), Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Fuel, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Fuse Box, Seattle (Greenwood)
Fusion Ultra Lounge, Seattle (U District)
Gainsbourg, Seattle (Greenwood)
Galeria, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Galway Arms, Seattle (U District)
Gameworks Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
The Garage, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Geo's Bar and Grill, Seattle (Greenwood)
George and Dragon Pub, Seattle
Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle (Georgetown)
The Gerald, Seattle (Ballard)
Ghostfish Brewing, Seattle (SoDo)
Giddy Up Burgers and Greens, Seattle (Ballard)
Gim Wah, Seattle (Magnolia)
Girin, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
GLO at Ibiza (Pioneer Square)
Globe, The, Seattle (Greenwood)
Gold Bar, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Golden City, Seattle (Ballard)
Goldfinch Tavern, Seattle (Downtown)
Goldies - Aurora, Seattle (North Seattle)
Good Bar, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Goofy's, Seattle (North Seattle)
Gordon Biersch, Seattle (downtown)
Gracia, Seattle (Ballard)
Grand Jumbo Restaurant Cocktail Lounge, Seattle (Columbia City)
Grappa, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Great American Diner and Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Great Nabob, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Green Leaf, Seattle (Belltown)
Green Room, Seattle (downtown)
Greenlake Ale House, Seattle (Greenlake)
Greenlake Bar & Grill, Seattle
The Grill from Ipanema, Seattle (Belltown)
Grim's / Butterfly Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Grizzled Wizard, Seattle (Wallingford)
Grog, Seattle (Ballard)
Ground Control, Seattle (Georgetown)
Growler Guy's, Seattle (downtown)
Gus's, Seattle (Belltown)
H Bar, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Ha!, Seattle (Fremont)
Habana SoDo, Seattle (SoDo)
Habitant, Seattle (Downtown)
Hales Brewery, Seattle
Happy Octo Bar (Octo Sushi), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Harborside Bistro, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle (downtown)
Harissa, Seattle (Ravenna)
Hart Brewery, Seattle
Hatties Hat, Seattle
Havanna, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hawks Nest West, Seattle (West Seattle)
Hazelwood, Seattle (Ballard)
Heartwood Provisions, Seattle (Downtown)
Hecho, Seattle (Greenwood)
Hellbent Brewing, Seattle (Lake City)
Henry's First Ave Tavern, Seattle (SoDo)
Henry's Tavern, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Herb and Bitter Public House, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hideout, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Highline, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Highliner Pub, Seattle (Magnolia)
Hillside Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hilltop Ale House, Seattle
Himalayan Sherpa House, Seattle (Tanglewood)
Holy Mountain Brewing, Seattle (Interbay)
Holy Mountain, Seattle
Honey Hole, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hook and Plow, Seattle (Downtown, waterfront)
Hooverville, Seattle (Sodo)
Hop Vine Pub, Seattle
Horses Cut Shop, Seattle (Fremont)
Hotel Albatross, Seattle (Ballard)
HotelHotel Pizza Bar, Seattle (Fremont)
The House Sports Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Hudson, Seattle (SoDo)
Hula Hula, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hummingbird Saloon, Seattle (Columbia City)
Ibex, Seattle (Columbia City)
IMO Asian Bistro, Seattle
Il Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
Intermezzo Carmine, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
iMusic, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Industry Lounge, Seattle (SoDo)
The Iron Bull, Seattle
Island Soul, Seattle (Columbia City)
Itadatimasu, Seattle (U District)
Izakara Ku, Seattle (University District)
J&M Cafe (Est. 1906), Seattle
Jack's BBQ, Seattle (SoDo)
Jade, Seattle (North Seattle)
Jai Thai, Seattle (Belltown)
Jak's Grill Laurelhurst, Seattle
Jamjuree Thai, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Japonessa Sushi Cocina, Seattle (downtown)
JarrBar, Seattle (Downtown)
Jasmine, Seattle (Downtown)
Jelly Bar, Seattle (downtown)
Jerk Shack, Seattle (Belltown)
Jillians, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Jimmy's, Seattle (SoDo)
Jimmy&apo;s On Broadway (Seattle)
Joe's Bar and Grill, Seattle (ID)
Joey Kitchen, Seattle (U Village)
Joey, Seattle (Lake Union)
Joli, Seattle (Downtown)
Joule, Seattle (Wallingford)
Jude's Old Town, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Jules Maes, Seattle (Georgetown)
Julia's On Broadway (Capitol Hill)
Junebaby, Seattle (Ravenna)
Juno, Seattle (downtown)
Jupiter, Seattle (Belltown)
Justice (By the Pound Deli), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kaname Izakaya & Schochu Bar
Kangaroo and Kiwi, Seattle (Ballard)
Kate's Pub, Seattle
Katsu Burger, Seattle (Ballard)
Katsu Burger, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kedai Makan, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kell's Irish Pub, Seattle (Downtown)
Kessler's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Keys On Main, Seattle (Queen Anne)
King Street Bar and Oven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Kings Hardware, Seattle (Ballard)
Kiss Cafe, Seattle (Ballard)
Knee High, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Korochka Tavern, Seattle (Lake City)
Kort Haus, Seattle (Greenwood)
The Kraken, Seattle (U District)
Kremwerk, Seattle (Downtown)
Kwatay, Seattle (Queen Anne)
LO_FI Performance Gallery, Seattle (Eastlake)
La Carta De Oaxaca, Seattle (Ballard)
La Cocina Oaxaqueña, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
La Isla, Seattle (Ballard)
La Lot Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (downtown)
La Vita É Bella, Seattle
Laadla Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Lagunitas Tap Room and Beer Sanctuary, Seattle (Ballard)
Lake City Bar and Grill, Seattle
Lake Union Grill, Seattle
Lalibela, Seattle (Madrona)
The Lamplighter, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Lantern Brewing Tasting Room, Seattle (Greenwood)
Laredo's, Seattle
Las Margaritas, Seattle (Downtown)
Last Stop Lounge (Endolyne Joe's), Seattle (West Seattle)
Latitude 47, Seattle (North Lake Union)
Latona Pub, Seattle
Lava Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Lavana Lounge, Seattle (Columbia City)
Le Caviste, Seattle (Downtown)
Le Petit Cochon, Seattle (Fremont)
Le Zinc, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lecosho, Seattle (Downtown)
Leny's Tavern, Seattle (Tanglewood)
Liberty, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Library Bistro, Seattle (Downtown)
Limelight Thai Bistro and Lounge, Seattle (U District)
Linda's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lionhead, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Liquid Lounge (EMP), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
List, Seattle (Belltown)
Little O, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Little Red Hen, Seattle (Greenlake)
Little Tin, Seattle (Ballard)
Little Water Cantina, Seattle (Eastlake)
LloydMartin, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Lobby, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Local 360, Seattle (Belltown)
Local Vine, Seattle (U Village)
Lock and Keel, Seattle (Ballard)
Lockspot Cafe, Seattle (Ballard)
Locol Barley and Wine, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Lodge Sports Grill, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Lodge Sports Grille, Seattle (Downtown)
The Lodge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Lola, Seattle (Belltown)
The London Plane, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Lookout, Seattle
Loretta's Northwesterner, Seattle
Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lost River Winery, Seattle (Downtown)
Lottie's Lounge, Seattle
Lotus Asian Kitchen and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Loulay, Seattle (Downtown)
Lowell's, Seattle
LTD Bar & Grill, Seattle
Luc, Seattle (Madison Valley)
Lucia, Seattle (Greenlake)
Lucid, Seattle (U-District)
Lucinda Grain Bar, Seattle (Ravenna)
Lucky Envelope Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
Lucy, Seattle
Ludi's Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Lunchbox Laboratory, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Ma'ono Fried Chicken and Whisky, Seattle (West Seattle)
Mac's Smokehouse, Seattle
Mac's Triangle Pub, Seattle
MacLeod's Scottish Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Madison Pub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Madrona Arms, Seattle (Madrona)
Magnolia Village Pub (Magnolia)
Maharaja, Seattle (West Seattle)
Manhattan Drugs, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mantra Bar, Seattle, (Belltown)
Mama Stortini's, Seattle (Northgate)
Mamma Melina Ristorante, Seattle (U Village)
Mamnoon, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mandarin Room (Moon Temple Restaurant), Seattle (45th)
Maneki, Seattle (International District)
Manhattan Drugs, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Manolin, Seattle (Fremont)
Mantra Thai Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Maple Bar, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Marco Polo Bar & Grill, Seattle (SoDO)
Marination Ma Kai, Seattle (West Seattle)
Marine Hardware, Seattle (Ballard)
Marjorie, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Market Arms, Seattle (Ballard)
Marriott Waterfront Lobby Bar, Seattle (Downtown, waterfront)
Mars Bar (and Cafe Venus), Seattle (Eastlake)
Mars Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (University District)
Masala of India, Seattle (North Seattle)
Maslow's, Seattle (South Lake Union)
The Masonry, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Matador, Seattle (Ballard)
May, Seattle (Wallingford)
Maya's Mexican Cantina, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Maximiliens in the Market, Seattle
MBar, Seattle (South Lake Union)
McCormick and Schmicks (Downtown 4th Ave), Seattle
McGilvra's, Seattle (Madison Park)
McMenamins (Lower Queen Anne), Seattle
Mecca Cafe, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne
Meekong Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Meet the Moon, Seattle (Leschi)
Mercato Stellina, Seattle (Downtown)
Mercury, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Metropole, Seattle (downtown)
Metropolitan Steakhouse, Seattle (Downtown)
The Meyer, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Mezcaleria Oaxaca, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Mezcaleria Oaxaca, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mick Finster's, Seattle (North Seattle)
Mike's Chili Parlor, Seattle (Ballard)
Millers Guild, Seattle (Downtown)
Mioposto, Seattle (Mt. Baker)
Mioposta, Seattle (Ravenna)
Mission, Seattle (West Seattle)
Mistral Kitchen, Seattle
Miyabi, Seattle (Wallingford)
mkt, Seattle (Tangletown)
Moby's Seattle (downtown)
Mollusk, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Molly Maguires, Seattle (Ballard)
Momiji, Seatte (Capitol Hill)
Mondello, Seattle (Magnolia)
Monkey Bridge, Seattle (Ballard)
Monkey Pub, Seattle (U District)
Monsoon, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Montana, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Morfire, Seattle (Downtown)
Mortons, Seattle (Downtown)
Moshi Moshi Sushi, Seattle (Ballard)
Mr. Darcy's, Seattle (Belltown)
Mr. West Cafe Bar, Seattle (Downtown)
Murphy's, Seattle (Wallingford)
Naam Thai Cuisine, Seattle (Madrona)
Naanz Kitche and Bar, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Nacho Borracho, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Naka, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Naked City, Seattle (Greenwood)
Narwhal, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Navy Strength, Seattle (Belltown)
Nectar, Seattle (Fremont)
Needle and Thread, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Neighbor Lady, Seattle (Central District)
Neighbors Underground, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Neighbors, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Nest, Seattle (Downtown)
Neon Boots, Seattle (Belltown)
Neptune Theater, Seattle (U District)
Neumos, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
New Luck Toy, Seattle (West Seattle)
The New Orleans, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Nick's Off Market, Seattle (Ballard)
Nickerson St. Saloon, Seattle (Fremont)
Night Owl (13 Coins Lounge), Seattle
Nijo, Seattle (downtown)
Nirmal's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Nite Light, Seattle
No Anchor, Seattle (Downtown)
No Bones Beach Club, Seattle (Ballard)
The Noble Fir, Seattle (Ballard)
Noi Thai, Seattle (Downtown)
The Nook, Seattle (West Seattle)
Norm's Eatery and Alehouse, Seattle (Fremont)
North Star Diner, Seattle (Greenwood)
Northlake Tavern and Pizza House, Seattle
Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse, Seattle (South Lake Union)
NW Peaks Brewery, Seattle (Ballard)
Nue, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Number 6 Cider (Citizen Six), Seattle (Interbay)
O'Asian, Seattle (downtown)
Oak, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Ocho, Seattle (Ballard)
Octopus Bar, Seattle (Wallingford)
Odd Fellows Cafe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Omega Ouzeri, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Orfeo, Seattle (Belltown)
Ohana, Seattle (Belltown)
Olaf's, Seattle (Ballard)
Old Ballard Liquor Co., Seattle (Ballard)
Old Pequliar, Seattle (Ballard)
Old Stove Brewing Marketfront, Seattle (Downtown)
Olde 99 Pub, Seattle (North Seattle)
Oliver's (Mayflower Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Oliver's Twist, Seattle (Greenwood)
Optimism Brewing, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Orient Express, Seattle (SoDo)
Origin, Seattle (downtown)
Osteria la Spiga, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Otter Bar and Burger, Seattle (Eastlake)
Ould Triangle, Seattle
Ounce of Prevention, Seattle (Fremont)
Outer Planet Brewing, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Outlander Brewery and Pub, Seattle (Fremont)
Outlier (Hotel Monaco), Seattle (Downtown)
Outwest, Seattle (West Seattle)
Owl and Thistle, Seattle (downtown)
Ozzies Roadhouse, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Pablo y Pablo, Seattle (Fremont)
Pacific Inn, Seattle
Paddy Coyne's, Seattle (downtown)
Pair, Seattle
Palace Kitchen, Seattle (Belltown)
Palisade, Seattle
Pam's Kitchen, Seattle (Wallingford)
Pampas Room, Seattle (Belltown)
Pan Pacific Hotel Lobby Bar, Seattle (Denny Triangle)
Panevino, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Paragon, Seattle (Ballard)
Park Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Parliament Tavern, Seattle (West Seattle)
Paxti's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pazzos, Seattle (Eastlake)
Pecado Bueno, Seattle (Fremont)
Pecado Bueno, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pecado Bueno, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Peddler Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
Peel and Press, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pennyroyal, Seattle (Downtown)
People's Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Percho No, Seattle (Wallingford)
Percy's, Seattle (Ballard)
Pesos, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Pestle Rock Isan Thai, Seattle (Ballard)
Pete's Fremont Fire Pit, Seattle (Fremont)
Petoskey's, Seattle (Fremont)
Pexos Sports Bar, Seattle (Lake City)
The Pharmacy, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Phinney Market Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Piatti, Seattle (University Village)
Pie Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pie Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Pied Piper Ale House, Seattle (Ravenna)
The Pine Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pike Place Bar & Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Pike Pub, Seattle (downtown)
Pine Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pineapple Bar, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Pineapple Bisro and Bar, Seattle (Downtown)
Pink Door, Seattle (downtown)
Pinxto (4th Ave), Seattle (Belltown)
Pioneer Square D&E, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Pioneer Square Saloon, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Piper's Creek, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pizzeria 22, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pizzeria 88, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Place Pigalle, Seattle (downtown)
Plaza Garibaldi, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Plum Vegan Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pnk Ultralounge, Seattle (downtown)
Poco Wine Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Poggie Tavern, Seattle (West Seattle)
Polar Bar, (Arctic Club Hotel) Seattle
Pomerol, Seattle (Fremont)
Pono Ranch, Seattle (Ballard)
Pony, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pop Kitchen + Bar, Seattle (Seattle Center)
Poppy, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Populuxe Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
Poquito's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Post, Seattle (Pike Place)
Prost!, Seattle (West Seattle)
Prost!, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pub at 3rd Place, Seattle (Ravenna)
Purple, Seattle (downtown)
Pyramid Brewery, Seattle (SoDo)
Q, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Quality Athletics (Pioneer Square)
Quarter Lounge, Seattle (First Hill)
Queen Anne Beerhall, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Queen Margherita, Seattle (Magnolia)
Quinn's Gastropub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Quoin (Revel), Seattle (Fremont)
R Place, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Rabbit Hole, Seattle (Belltown)
Rachel's Ginger Beer, Seattle (Downtown)
Raconteur, Seattle (Seward Park)
Radiator Whiskey, Seattle (Downtown)
Radici, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Ram, Seattle (Northgate Mall)
The Ram, Seattle (U Village)
Raney's Bar and Grill, Seattle (SoDo)
Ras Dashen, Seattle (Central District)
Rat and Raven, Seattle (U District)
Ravenleaf Public House, Seattle (Lake City)
Ravenna Brewing, Seattle (Ravenna)
Ray's Boathouse, Seattle (Golden Gardens)
Re-bar, Seattle (Downtown)
Red Cedar and Sage, Seattle (Downtown)
Red Cow, Seattle (Madrona)
The Red Door, Seattle (Fremont)
Red Lantern, Seattle (International District)
Red Lion Terrace Garden (downtown), Seattle
Red Lounge (Taste of the Caribbean), Seattle (Central District)
Red Onion Tavern, Seattle (Madison Park)
Red Papaya, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Red Robin, Seattle (Northgate Mall)
Red Robin, Seattle (Alaskan Way)
Red Star Taco Bar, Seattle (Fremont)
Redhook Brewlab, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Regent Bakery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Relish, Seattle (Downtown)
The Rendezvous, Seattle (Belltown)
Re:Public, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Reservoir Bar and Grill, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Retreat, Seattle (Greenlake)
Retro Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Reuben's Brews, Seattle (Ballard)
Revolver Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Rhino Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Rickshaw, Seattle (North Seattle)
The Ridge, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Rione XIII, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ristorante Picolinos, Seattle (Ballard)
RN74, Seattle (downtown)
Roanoke Tavern, Seattle
Rocco's, Seattle (Belltown)
Rock Box, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Rock Salt, Seattle
The Rock, Wood Fired Pizza & Spirits, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
RockCreek, Seattle (Fremont)
Rocksport Bar and Grill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Rogo's Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (Magnolia)
Rogue and Peasant, Seattle (Fremont)
Rookies Sports Bar and Grill, Seattle (Columbia City)
Roosters Bar and Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Rosebud, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Rosita's (Rosie's Cantina), Seattle (Greenlake)
Row House Cafe, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Roxbury Lanes Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Royal Room, Seattle (Columbia City)
Ruby Asian Dining, Seattle (Leschi)
Rudy's Place, Seattle (Magnolia)
The Ruins, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Rumba, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Runway Cafe, Seattle (Georgetown)
Russell's Bar, Seattle (Wallingford)
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Seattle (Downtown)
RView, Seattle (Downtown)
Sabai, Seattle (Leschi)
Saffron, Seattle (Northgate)
The Saint, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Saint Helens Cafe, Seattle (Laurelhurst)
Saint John's Bar and Eatery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sake Nomi, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
The Saloon, Seattle (Mt Baker)
Saltoro, Seattle (North Seattle) Salty's, Seattle (Alki Beach)
Sam's Bar and Grill, Seattle (Lake City)
Sam's Tavern, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sam's Tavern, Seattle (South Lake Union)
San Fermo, Seattle (Ballard)
Sandpoint Grill, Seattle
Sansei Seafood, Seattle (Downtown)
Sarajevo Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Sawyer, Seattle (Ballard)
Sazerac, Seattle (Downtown)
Schilling Cider House, Seattle (Fremont)
Schooner Exact Tap Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Scorecard Bar and Grill, Seattle (Northgate)
Scout, Seattle (Downtown)
Screwdriver, Seattle (Belltown)
Sea Monster, Seattle (Wallingord)
Seapine Brewing Company, Seattle (SoDo)
Seattle Tavern, Seattle (Georgetown)
Sebi's Bistro, Seattle (Eastlake)
Serafina, Seattle (Eastlake)
Serendipity, Seattle (Magnolia)
Serious Pie, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Seven Beef, Seattle (Central District)
The Sexton, Seattle (Ballard)
Shadow Land, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Shambles, Seattle (Lake City)
Shanik, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Shanty Tavern, Seattle (Lake City)
Shawn O'Donnell's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Shawn O'Donnell's, Seattle (Fremont)
Shelter Lounge, Seattle (Ballard)
Shelter Lounge, Seattle (Greenlake)
Sheraton Seattle Lobby Lounge, Seattle
Shiku Sushi, Seattle (Ballard)
Shingletown, Seattle (Ballard)
Ship Canal Grill, Seattle (Eastlake)
Shop Agora, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Shorty's Coney Island, Seattle (Belltown)
Showbox, Seattle (downtown)
Shuckers, Seattle (Downtown)
Siam on Eastlake, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Sinners & Saints, Seattle (Fremont)
Siren Tavern, Seattle (SoDo)
Sisters and Brothers, Seattle (Georgetown)
Sitka and Spruce, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Sitting Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Six Arms, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Six Seven, Seattle (Edgewater Hotel) (Downtown, waterfront)
Sixth Ave. Bar & Grill, Seattle
Skillet Diner, Seattle (Capitol Hill)>
Skillet Dinner, Seattle (Ballard)
Skylark, Seattle (West Seattle)
Slim's Last Chance, Seattle
Sloop Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Slow Boat Tavern, Seattle (Hillman City)
Sluggers, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Smarty Pants, Seattle (Georgetown)
Smash, Seattle (U-District)
Smith, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Soi, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Speckled and Drake, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Spinasse, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sole Repair, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Solo, Seattle (Queen Anne)
some random bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Sonya's, Seattle (downtown)
Souvanny's, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Space Needle, Seattle
Speckled and Drake, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Spitfire, Seattle (Belltown)
Sport (Fischer Plaza), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
St. Andrews Bar and Grill, Seattle (Greenlake)
St. Dame's, Seattle (Columbia City)
Standard Brewing, Seattle (Central District)
Stanford's, Seattle (Northgate)
Staple and Fancy Mercantile, Seattle (Ballard)
Star Brass Lounge, Seattle (Georgetown)
Stateside, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Stellar Pizza & Ale, Seattle (Georgetown)
The Stepping Stone, Seattle
Still Liquor, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Stone House Cafe, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Stoneburner, Seattle (Ballard)
Stonecreek, Seattle (Fremont)
Stoup Brewing, Seattle (Ballard)
Streamline Tavern, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Stumbing Monk, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sugar Hill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Suite 410, Seattle (downtown)
Sully's, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Sully's Snowgoose, Seattle (Greenwood)
Summit Public House, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sun Liquor, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sunset Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Super Bueno, Seattle (Wallingford)
Super Deli Mart, Seattle (West Seattle)
Super Six, Seattle (Columbia City)
Supreme, Seattle (West Seattle)
Sur (Club Sur), Seattle (SoDo)
Cape Flattery, Neah Bay, Washington Swannies, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Swirl Wine Bar, Seattle (Magnolia)
T-Bird Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
TS McHughs, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Talarico's Pizza Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Tallulah's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
TanakaSan, Seattle (Belltown)
Tangletown, Seattle (Tangletown)
Tango Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tankard and Tun, Seattle (Downtown)
Tap House Grill, Seattle (downtown)
The Taproom at Pike Place, Seattle (Downtown)
Targy's Tavern, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Taqueria Cantina, Seattle (Belltown)
Taqueria Tequila, Seattle (North Seattle)
Tarasco, Seattle (Ballard)
Taste, Seattle (Downtown)
Tavern 12, Seattle (U-District)
Tavern Law, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tavolata, Seattle (Belltown)
Taylor Shellfish, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Taylor Shellfish, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Teachers Lounge, Seattle (Greenwood)
Teddy's Tavern, Seattle (North Seattle)
Teku Tavern, Seattle (Belltown)
Temperance Bar (Smith Tower), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Temple Billiards, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Terra Plata, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
A Terrible Beauty, Seattle (South Lake Union)
A Terrible Beauty, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Thirsty Fish, The, Seattle (North Seattle)
Thudsuan Kitchen and Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Thurston's Bistro, Seattle (Greenlake)
Tia Lous, Seattle (Belltown)
Tig Kitchen and Bar, Seattle (U District)
Tilikum Place Cafe, Seattle (Belltown)
Tim's Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Tin Hat, Seattle (Ballard)
Tin Lizzie Lounge, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Tin Table, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tini Bigs, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Tonga Lounge, Seattle (University district)
Toronado, Seattle (Roosevelt)>br> Toulouse Petit, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Trace (W Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Tractor Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)

Trago Cocina and Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Trailbend Taproom, Seattle (Ballard)
Traveler Montlake, Seattle (Montlake)
Triangle Pub, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Trinity, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Triple R Brewing Alley Tavern, Seattle (North Seattle)
Triumph, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Tropicos Breeze, Seattle (Ballard)
Trove, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tug Tavern, Seattle (AKA "Uncle Hal's Tug Tavern, AKA "Tug Inn")
Tulio Ristorante, Seattle (Downtown)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Columbia City)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Wallingford)
Tutta Bella, Seattle (Westlake)
Twilight Martini Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Twilight Exit, Seattle (Central District)
Two Beers Tasting Room, Seattle (SoDo)
Two Doors Down, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Uber, Seattle (Aurora)
Umi Sake House, Seattle (Belltown)
Uncle Eddie's, Seattle (South Park)
Underground Asian Fusion Bistro, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Unicorn, Seattle
Union Saloon, Seattle (Wallingford)
The Upstairs, Seattle (Belltown)
Urban Family Public House, Seattle (Ballard)
Urbane (Olive 8), Seattle
Valarmos Pizzeria, Seattle (Laurelhurst)
Vela Pizzeria and Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Velvet Stage, Seattle (SoDo)
Vendemmia, Seattle (Madrona)
Venik Lounge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Vermillion, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Fremont)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Georgetown)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Victory Lounge, Seattle
Vidiot, Seattle (West Seattle)
Vif, Seattle (Fremont)
Viola!, Seattle (Madison Valley)
Virginia Inn, Seattle (Downtown)
Visions Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Vitos, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Voff Bark and Brew, Seattle (Greenwood)
Volterra, Seattle
Von Trapp's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Von's 1000 Spirits, Seattle (downtown)
Wakefield, Seattle (Belltown)
WaMu Theater, Seattle (SoDo)
Wann, Seattle (Belltown)
Wasabi Bistro, Seattle (Belltown)
Waterfront, Seattle (Downtown waterfront) (now "Aqua by El Gaucho")
Watershed Pub and Kitchen, Seattle (Northgate)
Waterwheel Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Wayne's World Tavern, Seattle
Wedgewood Broiler Lounge, Seattle
Wedgwood Ale House, Seattle
West Five, Seattle (West Seattle)
West Seattle Bowl Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
West Seattle Brewing, Seattle (West Seattle)
WestCity Kitchen, Seattle (West Seattle)
Westward, Seattle (Northlake)
The Westy, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Westy Roosevelt, Seattle (Roosevelt)
The Whale Wins, Seattle (Wallingford)
Whalemaker Lounge, Seattle (Ballard)
Whisky Bar, Seattle (Belltown, 2000 2nd Ave)
Whisky West, Seattle (West Seattle)
Whit's End, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
White Rabbit, Seattle (Fremont)
White Horse Trading Co., Seattle (Pike Place Market)
Wild Ginger, Seattle (Downtown)
Wild Ginger McKenzie, Seattle (Downtown)
Wild Mountain Cafe, Seattle (North Seattle)
Wild Rose Tavern, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Wilmott's Ghost, Seattle (Downtown)
Wing Central, Seattle (U District)
Wing Dome, Seattle (Greenwood)
WingMasters, Seattle (Ballard)
Witness, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Wonder Coffee and Sports Bar, Seattle (Central District)
Woodlands, The, Seattle (Greenwood)
Woodsky's, Seattle (Fremont)
World of Beer, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Wurst Place, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Yanni's Greek Restaurant, Seattle (Greenwood)
The Yard, Seattle (Greenwood)
Yard House, Seattle (Downtown)
Yen Wor Village, Seattle (West Seattle)
Yeti Bar (Appurna Cafe), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Yuji's Lounge (Kona Kitchen), Seattle
ZapVerr, Seattle (Fremont)
Zane+Wylie's, Seattle (Downtown)
ZigZag Café, Seattle (Pike Place Market)
Zobel Restaurant (Central District)
Zocalo, Seattle (Pioneer Square)