Past Seattle Bars

1Hundred, Seattle (South Lake Union)
1st Hill Bar & Grill, Seattle
The 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle (Ballard)
20th St. Tavern, Seattle
22 Doors (temporarily just "22"), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
500 East, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
2100 Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
35th Street Bistro, Seattle (Fremont)
5 Corner Market, Seattle (Ballard)
5th St. Tavern, Seattle
611 Supreme, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
700 Club, Seattle
88 Keys, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
A Caprice Kitchen, Seattle (Ballard)
Absinthe, Seattle (Belltown)
Acorn Eatery, Seattle
Acquabar, Seattle (Belltown)
Ada's Restaurant and Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Alicia Fusion Bistro, Seattle (Leschi)
Alki Tavern, Seattle
All Nations Soccer Bar, Seattle
Always Happy Hour, Seattle (Fremont)
Alchemy, Seattle (West Seattle)
Ama Ama Oyster Bar, Seattle (West Seattle)
Amaani Lounge (King Cat Theater), Seattle (Belltown)
Amber Den, Seattle (Ballard)
Ampersand Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Amore Infused, Seattle (Belltown)
Anchors Down, Seattle (Ballard)
Anchovies and Olives
Angie's Tavern, Seattle (Columbia City)
Anthony's (Shilshole), Seattle
Apartment Bistro, The, Seattle
Arabica Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Aragona, Seattle (Downtown)
Aristocrats, Seattle
Art Lounge (The Four Seasons), Seattle (downtown)
Asgard Tavern, Seattle (Fremont)
Asian 1, Seattle (north Seattle)
Atlas Foods, Seattle
The Augustus, Seattle (Fremont)
Avila, Seattle
Axis, Seattle
Azteca, Seattle (Ballard)
Azteca, Seattle (Eastlake)
Babalu, Seattle (Wallingford)
Babirusa, Seattle (Eastlake)
Backstage, The, Seattle (Ballard)
Bad Juju Lounge, Seattle
Bad Monkey Bistro, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Bada Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bada Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Bako, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Ballard Avenue Pub, Seattle (Ballard)
Ballard Firehouse, Seattle (Ballard)
Bamboo, Seattle (West Seattle)
Bandits, Seattle
Bandolero, Seattle (Greenlake)
Bar House, Seattle (Fremont)
Bar Myx, Seattle (Belltown)
Bar Sajor, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Bell + Whete, Seattle (Belltown)
Belltown Billiards, Seattle (Belltown)
Benbow Room, Seattle (West Seattle)
Benjamins, Seattle (Downtown)
Bill's Off Broadway (original), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bisato, Seattle
Bit Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Blackboard Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Blarney Stone, Seattle (Belltown)
Bleachers, Seattle (8100 block) (Greenwood)
Bleu Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bleu Bistro's Grotto, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Greenlake)
Blu Water Bistro, Seattle (Lake Union)
Bogart's, Seattle (SoDo)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (Fremont)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (Downtown)
Blue C Sushi, Seattle (U Village)
Bohemian, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Boom Boom Room (The Century Restaurant), Seattle (U District)
Borsalino's, Seattle (Eastlake)
Brass Tacks, Seattle (Georgetown)
Bricco Della Regina Anna, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Brickyard Bar-B-Q, Seattle (West Seattle)
The Bridge (35th SW), Seattle (West Seattle)
Broadway Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Bourbon and Bones, Seattle (Fremont)
The Buck, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Buckaroo Tavern, Seattle (Fremont)
Buddha Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Burdick Brewery Taproom, Seattle (South Park)
Bus Stop (original), The, Seattle
C.C.Attles, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Madison)
C.S. Finnegan's, Seattle
Cadillac Jack's, Seattle
Cafe Amore, Seattle (Belltown)
Cafe Kanape, Seattle(Capitol Hill)
Cafe Metropolitain, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cafe Racer, Seattle (U-District)
Café Septieme, Seattle
Cal's Classic American Kitchen, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Calamity Janes, Seattle
Campagne, Seattle
Capitol Club, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Carmelita, Seattle (Phinney Ridge)
Carnegie's, Seattle (Ballard)
Cascadia, Seattle
The Cask, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cassis Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Casuelita's, Seattle
Catwalk, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Cellars, Seattle (Belltown)
Celtic Swell, Seattle (West Seattle)
Cha Cha (original), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chabela's, Seattle (Wallingford)
Chac Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chapel, The, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chez Gaudy, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chicagos, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Chico Madrid, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chino's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chippy's Fish and Chips
Chop Shop, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Chopstix, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Christo's On Alki, Seattle (West Seattle)
Clever Bottle, Seattle (Belltown)
Clever Dunne's Irish House, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Cloud Room, Seattle
Club 99, Seattle
Club Hollywood, Seattle
Club Medusa, Seattle
Coldwater Bar and Grill (Westin Hotel), Seattle (downtown)
Colourbox, Seattle
Copper Cart Cafe, Seattle
The Copper Gate, Seattle (Ballard)
Corner Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Corretto, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Coterie Room, Seattle (Belltown)
Crimson C, Seattle (downtown)
Crosswalk Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Crown Hill Pub, Seattle
Crush, Seattle (Madison Park)
Cuadra #32, Seattle (Belltown)
Cucina Americana, Seattle (Mapleleaf)
Dad Watsons, Seattle
Dawg Tagz, Seattle (Aurora)
Del Rey, Seattle
Denny's Lounge, Seattle (Northgate)
Dexter and Hayes Public House, Seattle
Dilettante Mocha Cafe & Chocolate Martini Bar, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Dimaggios, Seattle (Greenwood)
Detention, Seattle (U District)
Dinette, Seattle
Ditto Tavern (AKA Writer Boy's Ditto Tavern), Seattle (Belltown)
DiVino, Seattle (Ballard)
Doc Maynards, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Dope Burger, Seattle (Belltown)
Doubleheader, The, Seattle (Pioneer Square
Downunder, Seattle (Belltown)
Duck Dodge, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Dulces Latin Bistro, Seattle (downtown)
Dulces Bistro and Wine, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Duos, Seattle (West Seattle)
Dutch Ned's Saloon, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Earnie Steele's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Earth and Ocean (W Hotel), Seattle (Downtown)
Easy Joe's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Easy Joe's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Ebb'n'Flow, Seattle (U-District) - 12/30/06
Edge Grill, Seattle (downtown)
Eetbar, Seattle (Ballard)
El Borracho del Norte, Seattle (Fremont)
Electric Tea Garden, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elite Tavern (original), Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Elite, Seattle (Capitol Hill, Olive Way)
Elliot's Seafood Cafe, Seattle (downtown waterfront)
Elysian Bar, Seattle (Downtown)
Empire Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Empire Pub, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Ernest Loves Agnes, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Escape Lounge, Parlor Seattle, Seattle (downtown)
Eva, Seattle
Faire Gallery Cafe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Fenix Underground (original), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Fenix Underground (new), Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Fenix, Sodo
Fine Diner International Cuisine, Seattle (Northgate)
Flow Lounge, Seattle
Floyds Place, Seattle
Flying Fish, Seattle (Belltown)
Foundation, Seattle (Belltown)
Four Seasons (Dynasty Room), Seattle (I.D.)
Fox Sports Grill, Seattle
Foxxes (The Church), Seattle
Fresh Bistro, Seattle (West Seattle)
Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku, Seattle (Ballard)
Fumaca Brazilian Steakhouse, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Funhouse, Seattle
Gambas Japanese & French Restaurant (Belltown)
Gaspare, Seattle (Greenwood)
Gastropod, Seattle (SoDo)
Gaudi, Seattle (Ravenna)
Gibsons, Seattle (Downtown)
Giggles, Seattle (U District)
Goat on Greenwood, Seattle (Greenwood)
Golden Beetle, Seattle (Ballard)
Goldies - 45th, Seattle (Wallingford)
Goldies - U District, Seattle
Graceland, Seattle (Downtown)
Green Lantern, Seattle (U District)
Greenlake Ale House, Seattle (Greenwood)
Grey Gallery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Grub, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Habesha, Seattle
Hall of Fame, Seattle (U District)
Hamburger Harry's, Seattle (Ballard)
Hana's Kitchen, Seattle (Frelard)
Harlow's Saloon, Seattle (Ballard)
Heads or Tails, Seattle (North Seattle)
Heaven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Heidelberg Haus, Seattle (Ravenna)
The Helm, Seattle (Fremont)
Henry and Oscar's, Seattle (Belltown)
Highway 99 Blues Club, Seattle (downtown)
Hilliard's Beer, Seattle (Ballard)
Hollywood Underground, Seattle (U District)
Hoyt's Pub, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Hudson New American Public House, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
HulaHula, Seattle (Belltown)
Hunger, Seattle (4256 Fremont)
Hunger, Seattle (3601 Fremont)
Hunter Gatherer Lodge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Hurricane Cafe lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
I-Spy, Seattle (Belltown)
Icon Grill, Seattle (Belltown)
Impromptu, Seattle (Madison Park)
The Innkeeper, Seattle (Belltown)
Ipanema, Seattle (Downtown)
Irish Emigrant, Seattle (U District)
The Islander, Seattle (Downtown)
Jabu's Pub, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Jack's Roadhouse, Seattle
Jake's Bar and Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Jager Bar (Szmania's), Seattle (Magnolia)
John John's Gameroom, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Jones, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Jones Brothers and Co., Seattle (Ballard)
Juju, Seattle (Belltown)
June, Seattle (Madrona)
Kathy's Pizza, Grill and Sports Bar, Seattle (North Seattle)
Keg, The, (U District), Seattle
Kelly's, Seattle (Belltown)
Kelly O'Brien's, Seattle (Ballard)
Kickin Boot Whiskey Kitchen, Seattle (Ballard)
Kiki Tap and Eatery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kincora Pub, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
King Cobra, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kingfish Cafe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Knarr Tavern, Seattle (U District)
Kort Haus, Seattle (Greenwood)
Kraken Congee, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Kristo's, Seattle (Eastlake)
Kurrent, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Kushibar, Seattle
La Bete, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
La Luna, Seattle (Queen Anne)
La Puerta, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
La Romanza (Tuscan Tea Room), (West Seattle)
Larry's Greenfront, Seattle
Last Supper Club, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Le Bon Ton Roule
Le Zinc, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Traveler, Seattle (Ballard)
Liam's, Seattle (U Village)
Licorous, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lion's Lair, Seattle (Greenwood)
Little Red Bistro, Seattle
The Living Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lobo Saloon, Seattle (Eastlake)
Local Vine, Seattle (Belltown)
Local Vine, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Lockstock, Seattle
Lombardi's, Seattle (Ballard)
The Lost Pelican, Seattle (Belltown)
Louie's, Seattle
Louisa's Cafe, Seattle (Eastlake)
Lowercase Brewing, Seattle (South Park)
LloydMartin, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
The Luau, Seattle (Tangletown)
Lucky 8, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mad Dog Ale House, Seattle
Madame K's Pizza Bistro (Ballard)
Madhu, Seattle (Belltown)
Madrona Eatery and Ale House, Seattle
Maekawa Bar, Seattle, (International District)
Maharaja, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Manray, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Marche, Seattle (downtown)
Maple Leaf Grill, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Marco's Supper Club, Seattle (Belltown)
Marcus' Martini Heaven, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Marie Callenders, Seattle (Northgate)
Phinney Market Pub & Eatery (Phinney Ridge)
Mars Bistro, Seattle (U District)
Martin's Off Madison, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
McCormick and Schmicks, Seattle (North Lake Union)
McCormick and Schmicks (Downtown 1st Ave), Seattle
Mel's Tavern, Seattle (Rainier Beach)
Mesob Ethopian Restaurant, seattle
Mestizo Tequila Ultra Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Meza, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mira (AKA Faina), Seattle (Belltown)
Mirabeau Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Mitchelli's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Mix Martini Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
The Mix, Seattle (Georgetown)
Moe's, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Mona's Bistro, Seattle (Green Lake)
Montlake Ale House, Seattle
Club Motor, Seattle (SoDo)
Mr. Bills, Seattle (North Seattle)
Mutiny Hall, Seattle (North Seattle)
Nana's Mexican Kitchen and Cantina, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Naos Lounge, Seattle (Fremont)
New York Pizza and Bar, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
The Night Kitchen, Seattle (downtown)
Noc Noc, Seattle (Downtown)
The Nook, Seattle (Magnolia)
Northgate Theatre Lounge, Seattle (North Seattle)
O Lounge, Seattle (Queen Anne)
O’Máille’s Irish Pub (South Lake Union)
OK Hotel, Seattle
Oceanair, Seattle (Downtown)
Off Ramp, The, Seattle (Eastlake)
The Old Sage, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Old Stove Brewing, Seattle (Downtown)
Old Timers, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Old Town Alehouse, Seattle (Ballard)
Oliver's Twist, Seattle (Magnolia)
Orcas Landing, Seattle (Hillman City)
Oskar's Kitchen (The Bubble Room), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Outback Steakhouse, Seattle (North Seattle, Aurora Ave)
Outrigger, The, (Trader Vics), Seattle (downtown)
The Owl, Seattle
Paddy Coyne's, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Pan Africa Grill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pan Africa Market, Seattle (downtown)
Paratii Craft Bar, Seattle (Ballard)
Parkers, Seattle (North Seattle)
Parlor Live (AKA Escape Lounge), Seattle (Downtown)
Patti Summers' Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Pau Hana, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pete's Fremont Fire Pit, Seattle (Fremont)
Phoenecia, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pied Piper Ale House, Seattle (Ravenna)
Pig and Whistle, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pike's Bar & Grill, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Pillagers Pub, Seattle (Greenwood)
Pintxo, Seattle (Belltown)
Planet Hollywood, Seattle (downtown)
Planet Georgetown (AKA Uncle Mo's), Seattle (Georgetown)
Polly Esther's, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Polpetta, Seattle (Upper Queen Anne)
Ponti, Seattle (Fremont)
Portalis, Seattle (Ballard)
The Porterhouse, Seattle (West Seattle)
Pour House, Seattle (Greenlake/Tangletown)
Premier, Seattle (SoDo)
Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, Seattle (Madrona)
The Publican, Seattle (Tangletown)
Purr, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Purr, Seattle (Montlake)
Qube Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Rain Dancer, Seattle (U District)
The Rainbow, Seattle (U District)
Ravenna Alehouse, Seattle (Ravenna)
Ravioli Station Trainwreck, Seattle (Fremont)
Ravish, Seattle (Eastlake)
Rckcndy, Seattle (Downtown)
Reading Gaol, Seattle (Ballard)
Red Fin, Seattle (downtown)
Red King Crab Seafood, Seattle (Belltown)
Red Robin (Fuhrman Ave - original Red Robin)
Red Robin (Capitol Hill)
Redline Music and Sports
Redline, Seattle (West Seattle)
Redwood, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Republiq, Seattle (SoDo)
Restaurant Bea, Seattle (Magnolia)
Revyve, Seattle (Belltown)
Rimrock Steakhouse, Seattle (Lake City)
Rock Bottom Brewery, Seattle (Downtown)
Romper Room, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Roosevelt Ale House, Seattle (Maple Leaf)
Rose Petals, Seattle (Rainier Valley)
Roux, Seattle (Fremont)
Saigon Nice, Seattle (Beacon Hill)
Salted Sea, Seattle (Columbia City)
Sambar, Seattle (Ballard)
Santa Fe Cafe, Seattle (Greenwood)
Santolea, Seattle (Fremont)
Satellite Lounge, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Scarlet Tree, Seattle (Ravenna)
Scoundrel's Lair, Seattle
Seastar, Seattle (downtown)
Seattle Tavern and Pool Room
Serious Pie, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Seven Seas Lounge, Seattle (Lake City)
Shawn O'Donnell's, Seattle (Fremont)
Shawn O'Donnell's, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Shewaber, Seattle (Central District)
Shilla Korean Japanese Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Shipwreck, Seattle (West Seattle)
Showa Izakaya, Seattle (Fremont)
The Signature, Seattle (Queen Anne)
Sip, Seattle (downtown)
Sit & Spin, Seattle (Belltown)
The Sixgill, Seattle (Fremont)
Skelly and the Bean, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Skybox Sports Lounge, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Sneakers, Seattle
Snoose Junction (Part Dieu), Seattle (Greenwood)
Soban Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Sonrisa, Seattle (U Village)
Sorry Charlies, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Southlake Grill, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Spaghetti Western, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
The Spectator, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Splash Lounge, Seattle (Belltown)
Spring Hill, Seattle (West Seattle)
Spur Gastropub, Seattle (Belltown)
Squid Row, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
St. Cloud's Seattle (Madrona)
Starlite Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Stir, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
The Storeroom, Seattle (Eastlake)
Studio 7, Seattle (SoDo)
Stumbling Goat Bistro, Seattle (Greenwood)
Suite G, Seattle (Fremont)
Sullivan's Steakhouse, Seattle (downtown)
Sun Liquor Distillery, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Sundown Tavern, Seattle (North Seattle)
Sweet Lou's, Seattle (North Seattle)
T-Bird Tavern, Seattle (Ballard)
Taberna del Alabadero, Seattle (Belltown)
Table 35, Seattle (West Seattle)
Table In Gallery (TIG), Seattle
Tailgaters, Seattle (Ballard)
Taverna Mazi, Seattle (north Seattle)
Taylor Shellfish, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Ten Mercer, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Tex's Tavern, Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
Thompson's Point of View, Seattle (Central District)
Tidbit Bistro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tiger Lounge, Seattle (SoDo)
Tiger Sports Bar, Seattle (North Seattle)
Tigertail, Seattle (Ballard)
Tiki Bob's Cantina, Seattle (Pioneer Square)
Toi, Seattle (Downtown)
Tommy's, Seattle (U District)
Tommy Gun, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Tray Kitchen, Seattle (Frelard)
Treehouse Bar and Grill, Seattle (Frelard)
Treehouse Lounge, Seattle (West Seattle)
Triangle Tavern, Seattle (Fremont)
Trolleyman Pub, Red Hook Brewery, Seattle (Fremont)
Turf Lounge, Seattle (downtown)
Twin TeePees, Seattle (Greenwood)
Twist, Seattle (Belltown)
Twisted Pasty, Seattle (Belltown)
Two Bells, Seattle (Belltown)
Two Dagos from Texas, Seattle (Belltown)
Txori, Seattle (Belltown)
Typhoon, Seattle (Downtown)
Union, Seattle (Downtown)
Union Bar, Seattle (Hillman City)
Urban Enoteca, Seattle
V Bar, Seattle (Belltown)
Van's 105 Tavern, Seattle (Greenwood)
Varro, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Veil, Seattle (lower Queen Anne)
Venom, Seattle (Belltown)
Vespolina, Seattle (Downtown)
Ventana, Seattle (Belltown)
Verve Wine Bar, Seattle (Columbia City)
Vessel, Seattle (downtown)
Vessel (Olive Way), Seattle (downtown)
Via Tribunali, Seattle (Belltown)
Viceroy (now Rob Roy), Seattle
Vif's, Seattle (Fremont)
Viking Tavern (Est. 1950), Seattle
Visions Lounge, Seattle (Downtown)
Vittles, Seattle (Belltown)
The Vogue, Seattle (Belltown)
The Vogue, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Volume, Seattle (Pioneer square)
Von's Grand City Café, Seattle (Downtown)
Waid's Haitian Cuisine and Lounge, Seattle (Central District)
The War Room, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Watertown (now HulaHula), Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)
The Weathered Wall, Seattle (Belltown)
Westside Public House, Seattle (West Seattle)
Whisky Bar, Seattle (Belltown, 2122 2nd Ave)
Whit's End, Seattle, Greenwood
Wine Tea Chocolate, Seattle (Fremont)
Winner's Circle, Seattle (Greenwood)
Woodsky's, Seattle (Fremont)
World of Beer, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
World Sports Grill, Seattle (South Lake Union)
Ximaica, Seattle (Belltown)
Yen Wor Garden (China Jade), Seattle (Greenwood)
Young American Alehouse, Seattle (Ballard)
Zayda Buddy's, Seattle (Ballard)
Zhu Dang, Seattle (Capitol Hill)
Zeitoon Cafe Bistro, Seattle (Belltown)
Zoe, Seattle (Belltown)
Zoe, Seattle (Capitol Hill)