"In 1989 while swimming in the Hawaiian waters, Joan Ocean was approached by a pod of Spinner dolphins who surrounded her and continued to swim with her for two hours. She experienced their gentle communication as sound holography, a "language" that intensifies physical senses, bypasses rational-cognitive paradigms, resonates directly with our cellular intelligence, and awakens multiple levels of perception and consciousness. Since then, Joan has devoted her life to "participatory research" -- swimming among dolphins and whales, watching and learning from them as they transcend linear sensory reality and expand into the larger pitched whistles and loving vibrational frequencies has moved her spontaneously beyond the perceived constraints of time and space. Traveling on sound waves to parallel realities and intradimensional locations, she has journeyed with the dolphins into the future to meet eleven other aspects of her soul and visit with citizens of Future Earth. Love, Compassion, and Wisdom are the messages of the dolphins as they swim with us Into The Future."
-- Back cover of Dolphins Into The Future, by Joan Ocean

"The major energy centers of the body, the chakras, are connected in each of the 4 prisms of the UCL [Universal Calibration Lattice®], to the long informational fibers, by figure 8 self-balancing loops. The front prism corresponds to the future. The back fibers represent our personal history or past. The right side of the prism is the energy we give out to the universe, and the left side is what we receive.
Now, instead of testing the limits of positive and negative, we are free to find a frequency, (a triality), that opens a fluid channel where the onenness of our being is broadcast from the vacuum of hyperspace, which is also known as the Cosmic Lattice." -- Eli Galla, Advanced Practicioner, EMF Balancing Technique® seaofjoy.com

"How is IA™ [Integrative Action™] different? It teaches you to align conscious and non-conscious energy fields. There is no need to relive or overanalyze the past, or rely on willpower, because we can simply and quickly re-pattern our quantum fields."
-- Dr. Fern Kazlow, Ed.D., CEM, "Wisdom" August 2005, integrativeaction.com

"Do you know what "the" truth is? That there is none. There being none means that everything is."
-- Ramtha, from "Ramtha" Chapter 12 (Channeling of Ramtha by J.Z. Knight)